Mathilde Cronin, senior, performs during York Live with her band, Barefoot. Photo by Kathryn Castanoli
Mathilde Cronin, senior, performs during York Live with her band, Barefoot. Photo by Kathryn Castanoli

York Live hosts opportunities for young musicians and artists to shine

March 1, 2023

Fine Arts Week is not only an amazing learning experience in itself, but York Live specifically creates an opportunity for any student to either watch, or perform for their peers. 

With the opportunity to showcase their talents and passions, students of all grades continue to anticipate this yearly ritual. An upcoming performer for York Live, Lily Jurasek, senior, gave insight on why she is choosing to be a part of York Live. 

“I haven’t seen much dance at York Live, especially tap dancing, so I thought it’d be interesting to show,” Jurasek, senior, said. “It’s also my senior year, so there’s no better time to do something I’ve never done before.”

Besides the visual arts aspect of York Live, like the variety of dances, vocal performances and more, the community that York Live brings together creates an importance of bonds within the school. 

“I’m honestly excited to have rehearsals and see all the other performers practice,” Jurasek said. “It seems super humane and like a tight-knit community.” 

Performers new and old alike are equally excited about the upcoming performances. For example, Barefoot, a band made up of now seniors, Mathilde Cronin, Megan Brandt, and Ashley Simonis, performed in York Live last year as well. Simonis reminisces on her past performances and impatiently waits for this year’s.

“We played in York Live last year and it was a super fun experience. It’s fun to get the opportunity of performing in front of peers,” said Simonis.

Overall, the sense of community York Live creates through the arts not only brings together said performers, but students and staff as a whole, which is why York Live is such a highly anticipated aspect of Fine Arts Week. Members of the York community alike predict another exciting performance.

“It shows the beauty of the art in a simple way,” Jurasek said.

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