Photo courtesy of Martin Atkins.
Photo courtesy of Martin Atkins.

Martin Atkins comes to York for fine arts week

March 1, 2023

Joining the York community for fine arts week on Monday March, 6 for periods 4 and 5 will be Martin Atkins, a professional English drummer who was born in Coventry, England. He is best known for the work he has done in Post – Punk and industrial groups which include Public Image LTD, Ministry and many more groups. Martin Atkins also worked as a consultant, writing multiple books for the music industry, also he is in the music industry studies coordinator at Millikin University in Decatur, IL.

Martin Atkins goes on to talk about what really got him going to become a drummer as he gives many great reasons why he went through this path for his career as it began when he was at a very young age. What important musicians he encountered while beginning his career as a drummer.

“Okay so I started playing drums when I was nine years old, and joined my first band when I was 11. Joined a band with johnny rotten from the sex pistols when i was 19 and i got involved with the original punk idea so that showed me that there doesn’t have to be rules and what of doing things differently and that has been very important throughout my life as i have dug into different things”, Atkins said.

With Martin Atkins talking about who in his career helped him become a drummer and ways he started to go down this professional path by shaping his career for him for the future. He then talked about what moment in his career that was the most memorable to him was when he was younger.

“Playing with Johnny rotten in Los Angeles to 10,000 people in 1980. When Johnny rotten and the sex pistols were still very fresh. Riot police on horseback, police helicopters I mean it was a riot  that was at a 22 year old kid that was crazy, we also played on a T.V. show called  “American Bandstand”, 16 million. That was pretty cool”, Atkins said.

Talking about very important events that happened to Martin Atkins in his career that where very memorable to him gave very interesting information about his career is very cool to hear. Martin Atkins goes on to talk about what he will be performing here at York for fine arts week.

“I’m going to be talking about creativity, about not second guessing yourself, cause I do and I still do. I’m 63 years old. I’ve been doing this for a long time. I’m still insecure in my art. Um talk about saying yes to opportunities using entrepreneur ideas um i might i’ll try not to use bad language”, Atkins Said.

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