Patrick McLaughlin, senior, plays guitar and sings in one of the four acts he’s in. (Kathryn Castonoli)
Patrick McLaughlin, senior, plays guitar and sings in one of the four acts he’s in.

Kathryn Castonoli

York Live performers bask in the glory of being back on stage

March 9, 2023

Fine Arts Week works to promote appreciation and understanding of the arts, as well as to create a sense of community among those who participate. York Live specifically allows students to showcase their visual, vocal and visceral arts when they normally don’t get an opportunity to do so.

It provides a platform for students to express themselves and their talents in a safe and supportive environment. It also provides a great opportunity for students to network with other artists, professionals and alumni in the industry that visit during this week.

Past and present performer, Alyssa Poli, senior, shares her input on how York Live has allowed her to flourish as not only an artist, but a team player.

“We are all rooting for one another, and it makes the experience really special when there’s a community behind you that is in full support,” Poli said  

By bringing together people from different backgrounds and experiences, Fine Arts Week can help to foster a sense of unity and understanding. It can also provide an opportunity for people to learn more about the arts and to explore their own creative potential.

“I think anyone remotely interested should audition to get their music, or music they love more, out there,” Devin Smego, sophomore, said.

From backstage butterflies to building bonds, it’s a great feeling to know that you have people who are cheering you on and who are willing to help you out when you need it. 

“The best part of York Live is the exhilaration of playing in front of a big crowd, when you put yourself out there and people respond well to it, it’s a really good feeling, and no moment embodies that more than when people started putting their phone lights up,” Patrick McLaughlin, senior, said. 

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