Julie Dolan answering questions asked by York students (Kate Brody)
Julie Dolan answering questions asked by York students

Kate Brody

Filmmaking comes first at Second City

March 9, 2023

The Second City is known all around the country, and the world, as one of the best places to study improvisational comedy. However, the troupe not only has a knack for humor, it also gives people the opportunity to learn about filmmaking. Julie Dolan, Seraphine Terryberry, and Sug Shin, all graduates of the school, came to York to speak about the fun and creativity of filmmaking.

Dolan, who is a substitute teacher here at York, was inspired during the pandemic to branch out into film. Dolan, an experienced playwright and educator, reflected on what encouraged her to join Second City Film School and how it has helped her grow.

“I needed to evolve with my art, I couldn’t just put it on stage anymore.” Dolan said, “Second City totally helped me with ideation, coming up with my ideas, helping me meet people, and finding resources to make that happen. Also, to teach me the skills to do it.” 

While Dolan focuses on the mix between humor and horror, Sug Shin likes to solely draw attention to comedy. Shin, an alumni of York, showcased his off-the-wall sit-com to York students, which is being submitted into a film festival. When asked about why continuing the legacy of humor in filmmaking is critical, Shin was enthused to answer.

“I think it’s super important,” Shin said. “Everyone likes to laugh, and being able to make someone laugh is a special gift. A lot of people think that you just have to be this outgoing, loud, clown person, but you don’t have to be.”

Filmmaking, whether it be a sit-com or a comedic drama, is about taking risks with storytelling. It is about being brave enough to showcase your passions with others.  That is exactly what Dolan, Shin, and Terryberry do. 

“You can be a quiet writer and make people laugh too,” Shin said. “There are a lot of different ways to do it, and I would encourage people to do it.” 

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