The York A cappella group sings their second song of their set, “Stupid Deep”. (Kathryn Castanoli)
The York A cappella group sings their second song of their set, “Stupid Deep”.

Kathryn Castanoli

York Jazz and A cappella groups share their passions to students

March 9, 2023

Students who normally are not exposed to the school’s A Cappella group nor the Jazz ensemble were fully immersed in the art of music on Wednesday, March 8th due to Fine Arts Week. 

The performers in particular, benefit from their passions exactly in the way their audience did.

“It’s so exciting, I’m glad that I can be a part of the performances,and it just feels kind of like an honor, because it’s such a cool week to be a part of,” Liesl Noll, A cappella singer, said. 

While the performers were split down the middle between A Cappella and Jazz, artists across the board enjoyed presenting music of all forms that they were proud of. 

“I think our music brings good energy, positive vibes, to the whole ensemble, and hopefully all of the people who listen to us play today will grab onto those positive vibes,” Luke Wallace, Saxophonist, said. 

The trombone section of the York Jazz band performs during Fine Arts Week (Kathryn Castanoli)

Overall, the performers who had the opportunity to share their music during the A cappella and jazz concert enjoyed being a part of this special week that York has to offer. 

“It is really fun to see everything that happens behind the scenes,” Wade Klinger, Trumpist, said. “I am really excited to perform with everyone, and I know it will be an amazing experience.”

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