Dancers pose at the end of their dance titled “Duende”. (Kathryn Castanoli)
Dancers pose at the end of their dance titled “Duende”.

Kathryn Castanoli

Advanced dance performers put on a show of self expression and love

March 10, 2023

During Thursday of Fine Arts week, the Advanced Dance classes and York Dance Company displayed talent through the performers in a multitude of different performances. 

“There are so many ways you can express yourself through dance because if you look at each piece on their own, they are each very different,” Ara Krossovitch said. “But when looking at the entire show, each dance is an expression of one theme.”

We begin with “Seven Nation Army,” the opening tune.  “Seven nation Army” is  a strong Jazz composition about not adhering to what other people think of oneself. This dance is very unique in that students brought back the choreography from outside of York.

“Overall the dance is about not conforming to other people and if they want to judge you you’re not gonna listen to them and you’re gonna do your thing,” Isabella Pingel, junior, said.

The next dance that Advanced dance performed is called “At Last”. The choreography is divided into two groups. One group demonstrates how easy and happy love can be, while the other demonstrates how difficult love can be. Towards the end of the pieces, both groups come together to demonstrate how they’ve learned to love despite challenges.

“I think this dance conveys how love has a lot of different meanings, and weather it’s going through a rough time or head in the clouds, love is shown in various ways,” Emily Degembe, senior, said.

One of the largest group dances was “Love Yourself,” which is performed by York Dance Company. “Love Yourself” is a fun, uplifting dance about loving yourself before anyone else.

“I think it’s about us expressing our own individuality while still being one unified group, like how the costumes are all different yet uniform,” Krossovitch said. “Overall we come together to create a really positive uplifting performance”

The final performance of the night was titled “Duende” which is a dance meant for the dancers to show off their personality, let loose, and have fun.

“Duende was so much fun, we incorporated our own personalities by wearing our own regular clothes for costumes, and I think we were left with a lot of creative freedom,” said Pingel. “Overall I think it was about just being who you are” 

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