Do chromebooks help or hinder student productivity?


The decision of students having a Chromebook with them to use in and outside of school began in March of last year. The main purpose of having this technology at the hands of students was to improve their education.

Teachers and staff did anticipate the fact that students might use the Chromebooks to play games online, to the extent where they blocked most video gaming websites.

“I have to exit out of a student’s website usually about three times a week,” said Science teacher Brian Ram.

Most students, if not all, managed to find a way to where they are able to play video games anywhere, causing them to become distracted from their schoolwork.

“I think right now that the Chromebooks are a little bit of a distraction only because I believe that it is a bit new to the students, which is why they sometimes use it to play games,” said Ram.

Although Chromebooks may have its negative affects, it also has its benefits for both teachers and students.

Teachers agree that having Chromebooks in class makes teaching much more easier because it allows teachers to share information with all students in the class.

“Having my own Chromebook makes it much more easy to be in touch with one of my teachers– like if I have a question for them or if I was absent for a day,” said senior Krestiu Dimov.

Chromebooks not only fulfill its purpose of improving a student’s education most of the time– it also allows a student to access more information, do their homework online, and assist students in their studies.  

“I rarely use my Chromebooks for games; most of the time, I use it to finish my homework,” said Dimov. “Being able to do my homework and have some my text books online is a godsend because I don’t have to carry so many things in my backpack.”