Drama Department tackles its most ambitious Winter Festival yet

Drama Department tackles its most ambitious Winter Festival yet
Every night of the production is different, so take a look at the schedule before you buy your tickets!

From Feb. 4-7, the York Drama Department will be putting on a show– or should we say, shows? “All in the Timing” is a production comprised of 14 short plays that have something for everyone and the best part is that every night has something different.

York-hi went behind the scenes to find out how the cast and crew were able to put together such a big production in just a couple of months. 

The cast, consisting of 31 students from all grade levels, has been split in the past months as they all prepare their individual shows, a unique rehearsal experience for those involved.

Over the past week, they’ve seen the other shows and share their own with their cast mates, and now are preparing to share the show with audiences.

While the cast has been rehearsing each of the fourteen shows, those backstage have also been working hard to get the shows on the York stage.

Costume crew worked to costume every actor in each of the fourteen shows, a momentous undertaking that they have worked tirelessly to tackle.

These students are lead by Becca Rogers and Anna Triska, with the help of their crew Megan Nolley, Kellyann Gallagher, and Stephanie Monaco.

Photo by Ellie Ryan
Danielle Fite, Sam Griffin, Julia Doherty, and Darcy Kummerow rehearse their play, Philip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread.

The crew also had their work cut out for them, constructing sets for each of the fourteen shows that move in and out of the main stage every night.

Stage managers Abbie Lockie, Cara Hovance, and Karen Sylvester have supervised and organized rehearsals and kept this show afloat.

They’ve been with the production since day one and have kept all moving pieces of the show, whether it be the cast, sets, or costumes, running smoothly.

This is the most ambitious Winter Festival the York drama department has tackled, but the cast and crew have been working tirelessly to put it onstage.

Every night, nine of the fourteen plays will be showcased, and each one under fifteen minutes. Each play is equally hilarious, entertaining, and completely unique from the rest.

Come see “All in the Timing” this Thursday, Feb. 4,  Friday, and Saturday at 7:30 PM and Sunday at 2 PM for murder mysteries, gibberish, and lots of laughs.