Students take ‘Chance’ over Homecoming

Homecoming or Chance? This was the latest dilemma occurring in the lives of York students last week. On Sept. 24, Chance the Rapper held a huge music concert featuring many popular artists at the White Sox U.S. Cellular Field, and on the same day the annual Homecoming dance was held.

Students were ecstatic and so hyped for this concert; so much so that they were willing to miss Homecoming for the famous Chance the Rapper.

“I was originally planning to go to Homecoming, but none of my friends were going,” said senior Maddy Shea. “It was my best friend’s birthday so I said let’s go to the concert! So we bought tickets.”

There were no bad reviews after the concert, everyone who went said it was such an amazing experience like no other concert.

“I could have gone with no friends and I would have just had as much fun, there was no time to be bored,and It was the kind of music you didn’t need to know to have a good time””

Lil Chano from 79th, what Chance the Rapper is known as on Twitter, has blown up ever since the release of his new mixtape, “Coloring Book”. But Chance’s music was not the only thing bringing him fame this summer.

Perhaps his recognition was due  to the fact of him not signing with any record labels and staying 100% independent. But maybe it was because he has been staying true to his city and his beliefs. Perhaps it was because he made an abundance of surprise performances at various music festivals and events– such as his surprise performance during Future’s set at Lolla and his show at the Taste of Chicago.

“The moment he walked out on stage during Lollapalooza I was so starstruck,” said senior Sam Flesch. “I had no idea he was going to be there because he wasn’t on the lineup. So when I saw him, I was ecstatic. He is definitely one of my favorite artists.”

Chance does not play by the rules, and he wants people to know that. Have you noticed how all of his music is available for free? He has yet to sign with a record label and is not planning on doing that anytime soon.

“I think allowing his music to be free to the public really gets him recognized,” junior Cambria Kyaht said. “It allows everyone to get a ‘chance’ to hear his music like when the band U2 was on everyone’s phones–it really gave them publicity because everyone was like who are these people?”

The messages he sends through his actions and music attract various people, even the ones whose music type is not rap. It gives the public an opportunity to see who Chance is as an artist, showing how he has never strayed from his beliefs throughout his career

“He really stays true to his roots,” said senior Maddy Shea. “His whole concept throughout the concert was staying true to his old self, and that he is who he says he is and that he is always changing throughout time.”

If you have ever listened to his music, you will notice these qualities. He talks more about positive messages and less about drugs and sex. Although some songs may talk about these things at times, he doesn’t make that the main message of the album. (Or it’s about his baby mama, so loyalty.)

“His songs are original and meaningful,” said senior Julianna Gecsey. “They are like a story and he doesn’t objectify women which is also really nice. When rap artists do that, it gets really old  and makes women look like items.”

But that’s not all what attracts students to his music.

“He spreads positive messages to his audience while still keeping it upbeat with a good jam,” said senior Lauren Fisher. “I also think his collaborations with other famous artists really puts him out there.”

In a majority of his songs he collaborates with many famous artists such as Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Future, Jeremiah, and etc. This really helps Chance gain publicity without being part of a label because, when everyone else goes to see what new music Kanye has, for example, they will see he collaborated with Chance and think this guy must be pretty good if he rapped with Kanye.

Perhaps it’s reasons such as these, that some York students, even seniors like Shea, decided to forgo homecoming for Chance.