Oh, SHOOT: Senior Assassin

It’s been all the rage for the past semester amongst the senior class. Assassin is the name of the game. One hundred and fifty seniors signed up to play, and they have been completely driven to win.

Eric Rzeszutko is assassinated by Maria Flynn.

This is how the game works: seniors who want to play sign up through a Google doc. Then each player is given a target that they have to take-out. Once they “assassinate” said target, the terminated player’s target gets passed down to them and becomes their new target. Are you still following?

“It’s kind of confusing when you try to explain it,” said senior Sam Flesch. “Essentially every player gets assigned one target at the beginning of the game. Your goal is to shoot your target with a water gun when they are either not at school or school events, workplace or their own home. You can shoot them in any other places though. After you terminate them, their target gets passed down to you, and it’s your job to hunt them down. Call their friends, text them, you just need to catch them!”

Sam Flesch gets out Gabe Lewis outside of his house.

Seniors are in it to win it. As of Dec. 12, only five seniors are left standing.  At the end of the game there will be three determined winners. First place, second place, and most kills.

Seniors display impressive creativity when figuring out how they are going to take out their targeting, going out of their way to locate their target and even staking out until they appear.

“It’s all about locating your target and asking people where they are going to be,” said senior Eric Rzeszutko. “I had to text and call my targets’ friends asking them when my target would be outside in a vulnerable spot so I could assassinate them. From that point, I would usually stake out in front of their homes, workplaces, etc. until my target was in sight. Then I would go in for the kill. I was so proud of myself; I got four kills before I was shot by my good friend Maria Flynn. I should have never trusted her.”

Zack Wilbur assassinates Mike Riley.

A Twitter page was created for the game announcing who has been taken out to help other players be one step ahead. Meaning if they know who their own personal target is and if they see on Twitter who got shot, then they can see who their next target is. It truly is a good resource for the players.

“Honestly thank God for that Twitter account,” said senior Lauren Fisher. “It is so helpful because you can always be a few steps ahead of your assassin (if you know who it is of course). You then can know who is after you and hide for your dear life.”

The game was started a few years ago. Students tried to keep it low-key, but as time went on, the game has gained more attention. It’s a wonderful way for the seniors to spend their last year together; although, the name of the game may make it seem otherwise.

But don’t you fret my fellow seniors, if you were not able to participate this semester, another game of Assassin will be held this semester.