York’s A Capella choir and Jazz Band finish off Day 3 of FAW


On Mar. 1, York’s A Capella choir and Jazz Band put on a joint performance during 7th period.

Nick Thomas (senior), Chuck Miller (junior), and Matt Dardick (junior) play for students walking into the auditorium.
Senior Eric Roeschlein on keys
Junior Carina Kanzler performs with a capella.
Senior AJ Mimlitz beatboxes during the song “La La Latch.”
From left to right: Nathan Rago (senior), Morgan Taylor (senior), Sam Griffin (junior), Katie Mitchell (senior), Jake Rehling (sophomore)
From left to right: Katherine Bartoz (junior), Carina Kanzler (junior), Wilke Macariola (sophomore), David Hansen (sophomore)
Junior Jimmy Chaudoin plays a solo during the band’s encore, “Jingle Bells.”
A capella choir members dance (rave) along with jazz band.
Junior Chuck Miller on the tenor saxophone
Sophomore Ben Pavlik on guitar
Junior Matt Dardick on the alto saxophone
One saxophonist performs a solo.
Sophomore Tristan Contant on keys
Colin Sandstrom plays a trombone solo.
Junior Jimmy Chaudoin on alto sax.
Senior Nathan Rago performs a solo in “Hallelujah”.
Junior Madds Buckley sings for the audience.
Nick Villareal on alto saxophone.
Seniors Morgan Taylor and Matt Shiley dance onstage while the band plays “Jingle Bells.”