Every day Is Earth Day


Photo courtesy of Jacky Cyriac

Every Earth Day you’ve probably heard the old cliche phrase “stop and smell the roses.” Believe it or not, Earth Day is not just any other day. Earth Day is a time for us to appreciate the beauty of our planet. Here are ten images from around Elmhurst and abroad that remind us of just how much we take the Earth’s beauty for granted.

Autumn trees on Fullerton street, seen through a rainy windshield. Photo by Jacky Cyriac.
The gorgeous morning sunrise over Interstate 294. Photo by  Jacky Cyriac.
A pond over by Salt Creek Forest Preserve in Villa Park. Photo by  Jacky Cyriac.
The evening sunset over the train tracks on West Avenue. Photo by  Jacky Cyriac.
Blossoming trees outside The Elmhurst Public Library. Photo by Jacky Cyriac.
Farming fields of Springfield, IL. Photo by  Jacky Cyriac.

Here are a few from around the world:

Bright blue seas of Dover, England. Photo by Jacky Cyriac.
Exotic rivers of Kerala, India. Photo by Jacky Cyriac.
Warm and sandy beaches of Dover, England. Photo by Jacky Cyriac.

Make every day Earth Day, York!