How To Take On Summer Road Trips

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School is out, and with it, a whole two months of no homework and no teachers. Summer is a time for relaxation from the early mornings and tests of school, but it can be boring if not spent well. To quote Disney Pixar’s movie, Up, “Adventure is out there.”

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Although the world is not a famous Disney Pixar film, and most people do not have a talking Golden Retriever by their side and/or have the materials to airlift their house by balloons, summer road trips do not have to be as boring as a classic Grand Canyon trip with the grandparents.

“When I was a kid, my parents took us on a huge road trip all across America,” said freshman Jen Hirt. “ We went to all these cool places to get cool new food. I would say that rest stops are an essential for a roadtrip.”

When on a road trip, try to move past the rest stop McDonald’s that you find right off the highway,and go explore small towns for dinners and other places that have good food. American Road trips are for exploring new things all across North America, so try and find some adventuress new food.

“The biggest issue I had when I went on a trip was packing way too much and having to lug my suitcase around with me,” said freshman Cassie Sika. “Now I try to pack light so my suitcase will be lighter.”

When packing for a major trip, it is key to travel light with only a few essentials. It must be  possible to have weeks of outfits with a few basic pieces and a washing machine if one is available, in order to travel light. Items like jeans, leggings, tank tops, sweaters, and sneakers, are easily paired with any casual outfit to save space.

“I think that hardest thing about getting ready for a road trip, is finding a good place to sleep overnight,” said sophomore Camille Gilbert. “Hotels can be really expensive and hard to get to, and motels are not always the best.”

While driving for a road trip, it is traditionally known for travellers to be driving at ungodly hours of the night with tight budgets. However on a lighter note, Walmart provides a parking lot to take coverage for in the night in the car completely free of charge. However, make sure to park away from store entrances, keep your space clean, and leave as early as possible. Also, since Walmart is giving you a safe space to sleep, try and go in to buy something.

“Always be ready for anything,” said freshman Luc Plaisted.

While travelling bring first aid equipment, supplies, chargers, flashlights, and anything else you think you need. Since phone service is not always available, bring a paper road map, which are available in rest stops all around the country. Safety is vital when it comes to car travelling.

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“Safety is vital when travelling,” said sophomore Kam Toussaint. “Be careful out there.”