Choir salutes seniors goodbye at final concert of the year

Senior members of the York choir took to the stage one last time along with the entire choral department to perform the final choir concert of the season Thurs., May 12. It was an emotional concert for all as the year comes to a close and seniors say goodbye to their choir careers at York.

The theme of the Spring concert circulates around musical theatre, jazz, and pop music and features audition-only groups Vida and Madrigals. Madrigals, renamed Jazz Choir for the concert performed three jazz pieces and featured soloists Tatum Langley, Julia Riddle, CJ Karwowski, and Grace Foster.

“Working with jazz choir has been such an amazing experience over the years,” said senior Tatum Langley. “Being able to work with such a talented group of people on such a meticulous and soulful genre of music is always a blast.”  

Along with Madrigals, there is also an all girls a capella group, Vida. Vida sang Mama Who Bore Me from the musical Spring Awakening and crowd favorite Man in the Mirror, a piece arranged by Maggie Patchett.

“She was intimidating but I think the level she worked us at was exactly what we needed for the group,” said junior Danielle Fite. “We needed more discipline and she really worked us to the point where we had no choice but to know what we were doing.”

Along with bringing in assistance for the a cappella choirs, Cadet Choir and Choraliers were directed by student teacher Samantha Barra. She worked with both choirs throughout the whole semester to get experience working with a full choir and also perfect the student’s pieces.

“I really enjoyed working with Ms. Barra,” said sophomore Evie Nudera. “I think it took some time for her to become comfortable, but once she did, she really took charge and began to connect with us, which is important to me as a student.”

Along with pieces conducted by Barra, Choraliers also featured “Ain’t Got That Swing” directed by senior Katie Mitchell. Mitchell, who is attending Illinois University in the fall for choral music education was able to work with the choir throughout the semester to put together the piece they performed in the concert.

“The choir was so receptive and patient with me and I couldn’t have asked for anything better,” said Mitchell. “It was my first night doing what I’m going to be doing as a teacher for the rest of my life, and it made me feel beyond blessed.”

Concert Choir concluded the night with their six pieces all conducted by Rebecca Marianetti. The music featured a York student band and were accompanied by Erin Pettitt.

As per tradition, the concert ended with the seniors presenting Marianetti with a case of Diet Coke per student. Senior Becca Rogers thanked their teacher on behalf of their graduating class, and together they sang “Holding On,” the senior song performed at the end of every concert. While it was a bittersweet moment, the seniors look back fondly on their experiences in choir as they move on to the next chapter in their lives.

“Choir was crucial to my four years at York,” said senior Hanna Kikos. “It gave me the opportunity to do what I love during the school day and it connected me with my best friends/second family.”