EMPOWER celebrates National Love Your Body Day

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On Oct. 18, York celebrated the 20th annual “National Love Your Body Day.” This day has been celebrated every 3rd Wednesday in October since 1997. NLYBD was started by the NOW foundation to empower women to stand up against beauty standards set by the media and especially by advertising companies.

80% of women in the US are “dissatisfied” with their appearances, and York’s own EMPOWER Club is working on influencing young women and men to accept themselves by promoting NLYBD.

In today’s society, many young people are often complaining about their appearances and it is rare to compliment yourself. By asking the students of York what their favorite part about themselves are, we challenged this norm by having students reflect on what they love about themselves to promote positive body image.

Photo by Grace Moriarty
Sophomore, Emily Belcher, smiles for NLYBD. “I really like my hair because I’ve done all kinds of different things with it,” said Belcher. “I’ve dyed it, I’ve cut it, I braid it, I straighten it, I curl it, I do whatever I want. It’s kinda the way I express myself and even though it can get damaged at times, it’s apart of me and makes me who I am.” Oct. 18, 2017.


Member of EMPOWER, senior Lily Bjerkan, smiles as National Love Your Body Day approaches. “My favorite part about my body is my hair,” said Bjerkan. “I like what I can do with it. It’s just been fun to play with. I get to express myself through my hair. It shows my heritage and coloring at the same time.”


Photo by Grace Moriarty
Junior Kiah Rufus, smiles big for NLYBD. “I would say my face because I can express myself with my makeup and I really like my eyebrows,” said Rufus.  Oct. 18, 2017.


Photo by Rachel Perry
Senior Georgina Tierney, member of EMPOWER, helps plan National Love Your Body with her fellow empower members. “I really like my legs because I run track and cross country,” said Tierney. “You’re sitting in class and you’re ten minutes out from the bell and you’re like, ‘I could be a mile away by the time the bell rings’ and that’s just something your body can do.”


Photo by Rachel Perry
EMPOWER members have been working hard for the upcoming National Love Your Body Day. ““My favorite part of my body is my curves because I feel like at a school full of somewhat mostly skinny women I feel like I am different in that way,” said senior and EMPOWER member Melanie Falco (center). “A lot of people wouldn’t embrace it but I try to embrace it as much as I can.”

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