Cross Country runners manage elite fluids for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon

On Sun. Oct. 8, at 5 am, while everyone else in Elmhurst was fast asleep, a group of dedicated York cross country runners were in a car heading off to volunteer at the Chicago Marathon.

The York runners volunteered on their own time and were given the responsibility of managing the elite fluids table, which meant they had the responsibility of ensuring that the athletes’ drinks weren’t tampered with from the time that they were dropped off at the tables to the time the athletes picked them up during the race.

Photo Courtesy of Anna Morley
Junior, Anna Morley, poses in front of the elite fluids table she is in charge of and makes sure no one tampers with the bottles.
Sun. Oct. 8, 2017

While volunteering, the cross country runners were able to see some of the best marathon athletes in the world run past them.

“I only saw them for like seven seconds,” said Claire McGovern, junior.“It was a once in a lifetime experience to see these world class runners.”

Seeing the male winner, Galen Rupp, and third place finishing female athlete, Jordan Hasay, was one of the highlights of the volunteering trip for many of the York runners.

Photo by Isabelle Downey
Juniors Ellie Davis (left) and Isabelle Downey (right), pose in front of the box containing the men’s elite water bottles they were in charge of.
Sun. Oct. 8, 2017

“I loved volunteering for the marathon,” said Sarah May, junior. “Each of the elite [runners] decorate their water bottles and we set them up on a table. I had Jordan Hasay’s water bottle at my table, so she ran really close to us and it was so exciting! It was crazy to see how fast she was going, knowing how far she had to go and how easy she made it look!”

Watching these athletes, elite and non-elite, compete in one of the most grueling races that exists was a huge inspiration for the runners going into the conference meet.

“It was truly inspiring,” said May. “To see so many of your average people waking up early to run 26.2 miles and see them smiling while doing it, was incredible.”

After such an incredible experience, the runners are looking forward to next year’s race to once again take on the responsibility of the elite fluids table.

“It was a great experience seeing some of the fastest marathon runners in the world,” said Michael Moriarty, sophomore. “After this year’s experience, I will definitely volunteer again and I am looking forward to doing it next year.”

Photo by Isabelle Downey
Juniors (from left to right) Ellie Davis, Elena Coletta, Isabelle Downey and Claire McGovern hold a sign directing elite athletes to their designated fluid station.
Sun. Oct. 8, 2017