York celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month


Photo courtesy of York Community High School

Latina Dreamers and Hispanos Unidos gathered for a photo the night of the dinner.

Photo by Guadalupe Guzman
Senior Anahi Sanchez, and member of Latina Dreamers, paints half a calavera on Chris Guzman, member of Hispanos Unidos.

Latina Dreamers and Hispanos Unidos celebrated National Hispanic Heritage Month with fun activities in the York Commons and a special night for their friends and families. This is a time where all Hispanics get to show off their unique culture.

“What it means to me is being able to celebrate our hispanic traditions in a country where we kind of have to adjust to the rules,” senior Adriana Bonilla, president of Latina Dreamers said. “We want to keep our Hispanic Traditions alive.”

To another student leader the month provides a stronger sense of provide.

“Hispanic Heritage Month gives me a time to be proud of my roots and the place where my parents come from,” said senior Giovanni Rodriguez. “That helped give me my identity.”

Not only do Adriana and Giovanni have important input but so do freshman that are part of the clubs.

“I thought it was cool seeing that York has an entire week dedicated to the Hispanic community and I wanted to be a part of it because I’m Hispanic I’ve also heard many good stories from previous people at York saying that it’s fun and basically just encouraging me to participate,” said freshman Julian Ruiz-Gonzalez, member of Hispanos Unidos.

Photo by Guadalupe Guzman
Senior Anahi Sanchez, member of Latina Dreamers, actively participating in Tuesday’s activity.

National Hispanic Heritage Month has been a memorable thing to many others in the past. That has had an impact on our incoming freshmen, giving them a place where they felt welcomed.

“I thought it was really nice, everything went really well during the event, I experienced so much in this club, the week might’ve been really stressful, but we got through it together as a team,” said freshman Kate Castillo, member of Latina Dreamers. “What I really like about this group is that the girls are always here for you,  and we help people out, and we do really cool things. The reason why I became a part of this club is because some of the girls told me to join, they told me that it would be a perfect club for you, and to be honest it really is, this group is just amazing just like the other girls that are in it, we’re like one big family, and will always be a one big family.”

Not only do the freshmen feel this way, but so does another York student.

“I love it! It’s the one club that I Love the most in this school, it’s literally a family that welcomes anyone of any ethnicity, race, culture etcetera,” said Shalon John, juni

Photo by Guadalupe Guzman
Members of Latina Dreamers, Abby Mendoza, Junior, and Kate Castillo, freshman, ready for the National Hispanic Heritage Dinner.

or. “Last week during Lunch my friend Shanice, senior, and I participated in every activity that Latina Dreamers hosted both of us looked forward to lunch every day. I wish I had joined my freshman year but I hope Latina Dreamers continues to be successful forever.”

The week started off on Mon., Oct. 16 with games to get everyone involved. The winner received a bag of candy with a bottle of jarritos. Continuing the celebration on Tuesday was face painting. On Wednesday a flan eating contest took place on the stage. This lead onto Thursday where everyone was invited to decorate calaveras.

Lastly, on Friday Latina Dreamers and Hispanos Unidos put on a special performance choreographed by Mariana Cedillo, Celeste Avila, Myriam Gomez, and Kelsie Gomez.

“I think the whole week went really well. I noticed during the lunch periods a lot of people were going up to participate in the activities especially on Friday when we danced,” said freshman Juliana Suarez, member of Latina Dreamers. “I think the dinner went really well and was very well planned.”

Photo by Guadalupe Guzman
Senior Celeste Avila, doing a henna deign on freshman Katery Galeana, both members of Latina Dreamers.