Fine Arts Week injects average Monday with excitement

Every year the Fine Arts Week Committee puts together an exciting week of performances and events all dedicated to showcasing the talented artists at York High School. The first day started off strong with pre-school serenades, bangin’ drum performances, and the first day of talent shows.

Pre-School Seranading 

Photo by Ellie Ryan
The foyer was lit with the music of songwriter Madds Buckley for students walking into school.

“Speak to Amuse, Speak to Inform, Speak to Amaze”

Photo by Nate Swanson
Junior Jake Rehling performs his humorous comedy performance.
Photo by Nate Swanson
Senior Erin Stone educates the audience on taxes in her informative piece.
Photo by Nate Swanson
State qualifier David Hansen wrote an eight minute comedy performance that put him at the top of the competition.
Photo by Nate Swanson
Freshman Kathryn King tells an enticing story, participating in both Poetry and Prose this season.
Photo by Nate Swanson
Joe Brown expertly worked the phrase “Baby, you’re a firework” into his impromptu speech.

Bangin’ Percussion Performances 

Photo by Nate Swanson
Seniors Corey Elliott, Eric Doberstein, and Colin Kelly use “boom whackers” in their fun small ensemble performance.
Photo by Nate Swanson
The ensemble performed student favorites like the “Kahoot” theme song, the “Pirates of the Carribean” theme song, and groovy surf tunes.

Talent Show Begins

Photo by Isabelle Downey
Senior band Squad Wipe performing a cover of ‘Escape’ in Talent Show A.
Band ‘Squad Wipe’ poses together after their performance.