Performing arts at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade


Last weekend drama club and marching band came together to march down Spring Road to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the Elmhurst community. Although St. Patrick’s Day is March 17, Elmhurst celebrates a week early as to not conflict with Chicago’s parade day. Marching band performed “Runaway Baby” and the drum cadence, and the cast of Tuck Everlasting marched behind them to promote their show that begins selling tickets March 21 (get your tickets here!).


Photo courtesy of Danielle Fite
Helena Koczur, junior, cheers for Drama Club at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
Photo courtesy of Danielle Fite
“Kiss me, I’m Irish!” Seniors Anna Triska and Abbie Lockie love supporting Drama Club.
Photo courtesy of Julia Stone
Junior Ellie Ryan poses with her brother Chase, the youngest cast member of Tuck Everlasting.
Photo courtesy of Danielle Fite
Freshman Charlie Kungl holds a sign promoting Tuck Everlasting at the parade.
Photo courtesy of Danielle Fite
Freshmen Emma Taylor and Caitlin Maguire display their sign saying, “Live like this forever”, a line from the Spring Musical.
Photo courtesy of Danielle Fite
Seniors (from left) Regina Hughes, Isabelle Dyer, Danielle Fite, and junior Bridey Costello get excited for the parade.
Photo courtesy of Danielle Fite
Sebastian Rohn sporting his York Dukes green sweatshirt at the parade.
Photo courtesy of Danielle Fite
A group of students posing for a picture before the parade begins.
Photo courtesy of Danielle Fite
Senior Elliott Degrace carries Chase Gallagher on his shoulders holding a “Hugo” sign during the parade.
Photo courtesy of Danielle Fite
Junior Helena Koczur and senior Eileen King show off their sign quoting a line from Tuck Everlasting.

Marching Band

Carly Laurx, captain of the color guard, smiles as she marches down Spring Road.
Photo by John DeGrace
The four drum majors, Olivia Braun, Maya Moran, Jimmy Chaudoin, and Andrew Hilgendorf, lead the band through the parade, keeping time with drumline so everyone marches on the same foot.
The band shimmies during the cadence, usually causing giggles and cheers from the crowd.
The trombones and tubas play “Runaway Baby” to keep the fun going throughout the whole parade.
Nate Brown on snare drum helps the band stay in time while they aren’t playing.
Marching at attention, the flutes made sure to guide and stay in line while marching in step.
The mellophones keep their horns up while marching in order to get the most amount of sound projected across the street.
Drum Majors Andrew Hilgendorf, Jimmy Chaudoin, and Maya Moran stay focused and stay warm.
Between the cadence and “Runaway Baby,” the saxophones prepare to play again.
The color guard yells the cadence chants while marching at crossport, which is where the flag is like a seat belt across them.