York-hi’s Worth It: Wings


Photo by Isabelle Downey.

Of the three wing places we tested, Wingstop proved to be the superior restaurant.

Buzzfeed video producers Steven Lim and Andrew Bianchi take a day to travel around the Los Angeles area in California, trying three different types of bacon at three different restaurants with three different price points on Buzzfeed’s YouTube show Worth It. On Worth It, the two travel all around the country to try different types of food and determine which restaurant provides the food that is the most worth it at its price. I decided to bring you a cheaper, closer-to-home version of Buzzfeed Worth It with a focus on everybody’s favorite–chicken wings.


I went around, and slightly outside of, Elmhurst to uncover  the home of the most worth it wings . I made sure to incorporate many factors in my odyssey: price, location, accessibility, and whether or not sides are included with the wings.


Buffalo Wild Wings: $$$

Although Buffalo Wild Wings does have an incredible amount of sauce flavors, 16 sauces and five seasonings to be exact, it is quite pricey. Purchasing a seven-piece of boneless wings at BWW amounts to $9.80, not including a side of fries, or vegetables, or a fountain drink. Though expensive, BWW is in a convenient location for York students. With BWW in the center of Uptown Elmhurst, students don’t have much of a trek to and from these incredible wings.


Jewel Osco: $$

Although the grocery store Jewel Osco specializes in many things, wings are not necessarily one of them. Despite its two convenient locations in Uptown Elmhurst and on York Road, Jewel does not offer sauces other than hot, honey, teriyaki, and barbeque. They do not have boneless wings, only bone-in. They don’t even come a side option. With Jewel’s chicken wings varying prices, $6.99 per pound, you can choose how much you want to spend on your wings. There isn’t necessarily a set price. You only need to purchase as much as you want to eat right then, so there is no need for leftovers if you don’t want them.


Wingstop: $

Though Wingstop is not in the most convenient location for York students, the closest locations are in Hillside and Oakbrook Terrace, Wingstop makes up for it with their low prices. A six piece of boneless wings with a side of Wingstop’s signature fries and a fountain drink costs only $9.17. Though Wingstop only has 11 sauce flavors, they are all so different from one another making it easy to choose a sauce for your wings.



Wingstop! Though I chose Wingstop, after pushing a survey with the three options out to York students and receiving 265 responses, York students chose Buffalo Wild Wings as their favorite wing place with a whopping 74%, but here is why Wingstop is superior: Wingstop is not only the cheapest option, but the option with the most built-in variety, coming with a side of fries or vegetables, and a fountain drink. Though it is a bit of a hike, well, drive, to get there, it is extremely worth it for six cheap, filling, delicious, mouthwatering wings, a basket of amazing fries or vegetables, and a fountain drink. Take a trip to Wingstop to try their breathtaking wing and fry combo and you’ll never want to go anywhere else again; they’ve got it all.