Volleyball seniors’ last set

Anthony Lapiana, Reporter

As the 2019 volleyball season comes to an end and the seniors turn in their jerseys for the last time, this girl’s volleyball team will always be one to remember. Now, most teams in high school after a season will look back at their records and accolades and only remember what they did on the court. That is what makes this team stand out from the rest.

The Dukes ultimately came up short at Regionals against Downers Grove North. With an overall record of 28-7, the Dukes battled throughout the year. Playing in the highest division of volleyball means you have to put in the extra work to be great, and that’s something the team proved this year.

The team practices every day after school for two hours. During this time, the girls do not only practice, but they like to take this time a cherish it with each other. They also have pasta dinners which creates a lot of time to bond with each other. Junior Gigi Barr explains the significance of this team and how much they mean to her.

“I’m going to miss the laughs we all shared,” Barr said. “This is the closest I’ve ever been to a team, and I’m friends with everyone on and off the court. We all genuinely enjoy seeing each other every day, not just because we love volleyball, but because we all love each other as well.”

This is the last time the seniors will wear the green Duke uniforms and have their hometown cheering them on every step of the way.

“I think the part I’ll miss most about my senior teammates is that we won’t get to see each other every day after school playing a sport we all love,” senior Grace Schneider said. “I’ll really miss all of the other girls on the team that I’ve become so close with. Even the little things like handshakes and peace signs are some things I’ll miss.”

Not only will the senior teammates miss each other, along with the juniors, but coach Iverson believes this was a special group of seniors who positively represented York.

“What I will miss most about our four seniors is their love for their teammates and their love of volleyball,” Iverson said. “They show their teammates how much they cared about them in so many different ways and their enthusiasm is endless, whether in practice or a game. It’s hard to keep a smile off their faces after a good dig, set, hit or when watching their teammates perform well.”

The Dukes show appreciation for seniors during senior night by showcasing their baby photos. Photo by Anthony Lapiana