Juice Wrld’s lasting impact on York students


Photo courtesy of Makalintal Bettina

Graphic based on information provided by Makalintal, Bettina. “Conspiracy Theories That Juice WRLD Is Still Alive Are Taking Over TikTok.” Vice, 11 Dec. 2019, www.vice.com/en_us/article/4aggwb/conspiracy-theories-that-juice-wlrd-is-still-alive-are-taking-over-tiktok.

Danielle Stockwell, Contributing Reporter

As York students woke up the morning of December 8, they were astonished by the news that Rapper Juice Wrld was pronounced dead. After getting off his private jet at Midway Airport, Juice Wrld suffered what first responders considered a medical emergency. Juice Wrld was rushed to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. Although Juice Wrld is still a relatively new rapper he still had a strong impact on students at York.

Jarad A Higgins, also known as Juice Wrld was a local Chicago sound-cloud rapper. He grew up in Homewood Illinois and attended Homewood-Flossmoor High school. Higgins started writing mixtapes at the age of 16 and by 18 he had produced his song “Lucid Dreams” which reached the Billboard Hot 100. Since then Higgins has written multiple songs to reach the Billboard Hot 100

Higgins music centers around themes of breakups and overcoming obstacles even when it may seem impossible. This style relates strongly to students at York Community High School.

“He became one of my favorite artists and ultimately influenced my life because of how relatable some of his songs are and knowing he feels the same way,” Sarah Kerrigan, a senior at York said. 

Relating to different emotions is a common struggle with teenagers, but music being a big part of their daily routine allows them to express their emotions through their connection with the lyrics. Since Higgins lyrics and songs are so relatable students learn a variety of lessons from his songs. 

“He helped me realize that there are ways to channel negative energy and he enabled me to grow as a human because he provided a sense of security and certainty in my life,” Jackson Timble, a senior at York said. 

Sadly all of these positive memories were changed the morning that these students found out such a big influence in their daily  life had passed. 

“I saw the news on SnapChat early Sunday morning and I was honestly shocked.” Luke Montgomery, a senior at York said. “Juice Wrld for a long time has been my favorite artist and hearing that he is gone took a toll on me” 

Higgins death also caused a reaction from students because they could not fathom him dying so young, especially because he still had so many opportunities and a long life to come. 

“I was in complete disbelief finding out he was gone,” Kerrigan said. “I cried, looked back at my favorite videos from his concert, and just didn’t understand why him?”

It is hard enough for any person to lose something they love, but losing someone who created music that gives people a sense of comfort takes a toll on ones emotions. 

“He explained a lot of people’s realities and helped them better understand themselves,” Michael Morrissey, a senior at York said. “It was hard to see someone go at such a young age when we all knew he had such a big impact on others lives.” 

With the impact that he has already made it is hard to picture Higgins unreleased music that is yet to come, but many are excited for the future in hopes that other artists follow Higgins impactful steps. 

“Juice Wrld in his short time has already made such a big impact on the music world, and it’s a shame for him to be gone too soon; however, I’m sure many artists will follow his lead and continue with his style and themes,” Montgomery said.  

In hopes that the future will style bring the style of music Higgins was able to produce for his fan base, the reality of his future was seen as the youth today. 

“He was the future because his fans were the youth, and where a strong fan base that had been following him from the start,” Morrissey said. 

Students and youth being the main fanbase of Higgins allows for the use of social media to play a huge factor is the spreading of his death. Many people have created videos, posts, tweets, and stories of the rappers death and conspiracy theories to go with his story. 

“I think people are creating conspiracies about his death in relation to certain tik toks or certain lyrics of his songs and I personally don’t believe that his death was predicted in any way,” Kerrigan said.  “However, I do think for those still making videos or posting things in means of disrespect for him just never appreciated any of his work.” 

With videos and other conspiracy theories being created it may be seen as disrespectful to some, but to others it might be a way to cope and find an escape for the emotions they may be feeling. 

“It’s not really disrespectful but it’s more of a way for people who can’t accept what happened to make up some hope that maybe he isn’t gone,”sophomore Andon Rieger said. 

With Higgins death still being very recent many continue to remember the positive energy and impact he created on one life and to cherish the music he has left. Admiring him as a talented young artist people continue to share the music he created and he shared his passion with the world. 

“Nobody free styled like juice and he will never be forgotten,” Morrissey said.