Final season lost for senior spring athletes


Photo courtesy of Harrison Proud.

Senior Harrison Proud takes a face-off in a game last spring, the 2019 season, against the Glenbard West Hilltoppers.

On April 21, the IHSA Board of Directors canceled spring state tournaments amid the Coronavirus pandemic. As a result, the board then called off the seasons for all spring sports. 


For senior spring athletes, they are heavily impacted by the loss of their final season as a York Duke.


“My season being canceled due to COVID-19 has severely changed and affected my life,” senior long jumper Kameron Stearns said. “Before everything happened, we had a goal and I had goals to achieve this season and we were robbed of the opportunity to achieve those goals, it’s been very hard for me.”


Spring sports teams met the major challenges of keeping its athletes connected throughout social distancing guidelines. Since teams aren’t able to be together, senior spring athletes are met with a level of accountability to keep the team united.


“To stay connected, my closest friends on my team and I have sent old videos we took of us celebrating after games on the bus and to look back at the memories we made together during soccer,” senior soccer player Olivia Barnhart said.


Spring teams also committed to staying in shape and working out despite the lack of a season. Senior athletes are finding methods to stay active while following proper distance protocol.


“I’ve been doing workouts every day in my house and if it’s nice out I’ll go on a run for a little to get some fresh air,” senior soccer player Katelyn Janowiak said.


COVID-19 and its challenges are something the world has not been met with before, and it has impacted everyone in some way. 


Although spring athletes had their final, most cherished season of their respective sport taken away as a result of the Coronavirus, it offers a lesson on appreciation and representation in the future.


“For the current juniors and incoming seniors, I would say to cherish every moment that you have with your team,” senior lacrosse player Harrison Proud said. “Play your heart out because not only are you representing your team and your school, but you’re also representing the seniors before you who weren’t able to complete in their final season.”