Graduate Jenna Hughes holds her diploma as she exits the ceremony to celebrate with family and friends. (Photo by Hannah Brody)
Graduate Jenna Hughes holds her diploma as she exits the ceremony to celebrate with family and friends.

Photo by Hannah Brody

The Class of 2021 Celebrates Resilience and Togetherness at Graduation

May 26, 2021

The graduating class of 2021 stood in a sea of green gowns on the field for their final goodbye. In a year in which the closure of major milestones was a rare occurrence, an official graduation ceremony was held on Sunday, May 23. Seniors gave their final messages to the staff, their fellow graduates, the pandemic, the school that housed their passions for four years and the memories made within it. 

“Our senior year was unique in all the ways we didn’t want it to be,” graduate and speaker Jaime Gleason said. “But our one-of-a-kind experience molded us into a one-of-a-kind class.”

“Thank you for all the amazing staff that [were] there for me through all the tough times and whenever I needed help,” graduate Grace Wiesenmayer said. “Thank you for pushing me to become the person I am today.”

“This class is resilient, tenacious and resourceful,” principal Dr. Bagdasarian said. “You will be remembered as the class that began the change of the world and could handle anything thrown our way, even in a global pandemic. The skills you have developed as the result of this pandemic are deeper than any curriculum that could have been taught to you.”

“We, as students, may have encountered a collection of challenges, opportunities, achievements and many changes,” speaker and graduate Jacob Little said. “But, we took them on like the Dukes we are and where we are today about to officially walk out of this very high school with a hard-earned diploma. If I had the opportunity to live through high school again in a different school, I wouldn’t take it.” 

“It’s been great,” graduate Samantha Trajcevski said. “We were pretty lucky to have the resources and the people [at York]. I’m very grateful for my experience.” 

“Beyond the shared lenses we have developed, high school was a time to further grow our own unique perspectives,” graduate and speaker Hayley Brown said. “York offered countless ways to hone our interests Though we share many of the same perspectives, our individual lenses will cultivate the growth of lifelong passions.”

“Empathy is what brought this class here today,” Bagdaserian said. 

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