Students gather for a group photo during Homecoming 2019, not knowing it will be the last one for some time. September 21, 2019. (Photo by Hannah Brody)
Students gather for a group photo during Homecoming 2019, not knowing it will be the last one for some time. September 21, 2019.

Photo by Hannah Brody

Homecoming 2021 is a go, details still unknown

July 2, 2021

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Homecoming 2020 was canceled as the risk of catching the coronavirus would’ve been severe. However, with life slowly going back to the way it was, many students have wondered whether or not Homecoming 2021 will happen. 

Mr. Drew McGuire, assistant principal for student activities and finance, has come out and revealed what he knows about the situation.

“We are planning for homecoming to happen but that all depends on the State (of Illinois) to see if we can gather all those people. We would have to wait,” McGuire said.

Homecoming is confirmed for the fall; however, the State can change that. Many would still wonder who will go and who will not be able to. What about masks as well?

“If we have masks in school, masks will be at homecoming. We will try to follow a normal homecoming, but the State will determine that. We will try to have a 9-12 grade homecoming but will be adjusted if necessary,” McGuire said.

Although many students are optimistic about the return, some wish that there will still be mandates that could change how homecoming was before as we are far from completely normal. 

“I’d probably end up going, but I’d have to see if they are taking precautions, especially because of new variations as life won’t go back to normal. We have to be safe,” senior Ava Gerhke said.

Even if homecoming were to happen this year, what would students feel about any precautions needed to be taken?

“I hope instead of just using that one half of the field house and closing the other half, they would open it all so that people could be more spread out. They would try to break up the mosh pit,” Gerhke said. 

What about students that haven’t experienced homecoming, specifically underclassmen? Sophomore Charlie Rucker has shared his thoughts about the whole issue.

“Last year, I was extremely disappointed that my first year in high school didn’t do everything I anticipated. I really hope that school can go back to normal with no mandates regarding anything,” Rucker said. 

Everyone has different opinions about how it should be handled, but more will be revealed in time.

“We hope that homecoming will remain the same as previous years, but again, it will be determined by the state as we try to start off a normal school year,” McGuire said.

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