Key Club provides volunteering opportunities for students


Photo courtesy of York Key Club Instagram

York students gather in room A290 for first Key Club meeting of the year to go over volunteer opportunities

Every Tuesday at 7:15, more than a hundred students pile into room A290 to go over volunteer opportunities. Key Club offers fun and fast ways to earn service hours for students . Each week accumulates new service opportunities for students looking for ways to just help the people around them. 

Key Club offers many different volunteering choices for students to make, that it truly does boost the community, and the organizations that the students are happily helping.

We have built relationships with people in the community, so [people in] the community reach out to the club to help them with their volunteering needs so having that partnership is really helpful,” Brianne Kennedy-Brooks, club advisor, said. “It’s nice to know that when the community needs help, they can look to us.”

Key Club has grown exponentially in the past 10 years, barely having 100 members while today they have more than 200. With the addition of new members, people are starting to learn more about what Key Club actually is and not that they make keys.

While the number of members is a major plus to the club board and the organizations that benefit from the students’ help, National Honors Society (NHS) generates most of the students in the club. Key Club is the largest student led volunteer organization and students jump at the opportunity to join in on volunteering activities.

“NHS really boosts the members in our club, especially in the fall when people are trying to get hours for NHS, so a lot of people sign up for events then,” Key Club President Emily Fugiwara said. “NHS just draws people in because people know they need service hours and the NHS doesn’t offer a lot.”

Even if some people use Key Club as an easy path to gain NHS hours, some people join the club to have a fast way to help the community. 

“There are a lot of different events so you can try out different service projects and it is all in one place so it makes it very easy to volunteer,” senior Rianna Roberts said. 

Whether you join the club to gain volunteer hours or to help the community, joining Key Club creates lifelong fulfillment. 

“How good of a society would we be if everybody truly believed that they could contribute something to others,” Kennedy-Brooks said.