Kate Rose led Film Club into a new study of dialogue incorporated into film.
Kate Rose led Film Club into a new study of dialogue incorporated into film.
Camila Arredondo

Film Club offers the opportunity to showcase and analyze short films

As this year progresses, students have shown interest in getting more involved in after school activities. Although York offers a wide variety of opportunities, some students have been having trouble deciding which clubs are the best fit for them. A new hidden gem called Film Club has recently developed a program that has led students into finding their passion in film. The members educate themselves on analyzing and creating their own films in order to express their devotion to certain creative elements that make up a film.

More than 70 clubs at York are student run and are all inspired through their own personal interests. Despite being given multiple programs to get involved in, most students attempt to grow their own new clubs. Ella Liutikas, president of Film Club, embraces her reasoning in how Film Club came to be a new club at York.

“We started this club to bring together a community of film lovers at York to give them opportunities to create, watch, and discuss film with other filmmakers,¨ Liutikas said. ¨Me and the executive board started planning last November and I’m glad its up and running as a new club.¨

Cameron Johnsen, Madeline Hsieh, Kate Rose, Annabella Liutikas. (Camila Arredondo)

Liutikas is pleased to announce the new club has already brought the attention towards fellow filmmakers who are interested in pursuing more knowledge behind the big screen. As well as any other program, Film Club intends to inspire others to break freely within their own creativity, Liutikas invisions a bright future for this new upcoming club.

“The ultimate goal is to allow club members to explore film and be able to teach them new ways into creating their own films, because then they’ll be able to express themselves through their work outside of class.” Liutikas said.

It’s proven that 85% of directors end up making their first film throughout high school, which is why Film Club encourages students to start exploring their filmmaking interest sooner or later, because projects of their own can lead into gravitating experiences. Amongst the other members, junior Cameron Johsen, a member of the executive board, had a lot to say about the benefits of attending their informational meetings.

¨Being one of the representatives of the Film Club allows me to teach more on cinematography and editing, as well as giving me the opportunity to enhance my own skills,¨ Johnsen said. ¨In a way the club motivates me to explore a variety of different aspects of filmmaking.”

Cameron Johnsen figuring out new techniques in photography. (Camila Arredondo)

Both Liutikas and Johnsen share a vision in wanting to incorporate possible learning opportunities towards new incoming members who are interested in film. Unlike other clubs at York, students are led to explore a variety of different fields of filmmaking when it comes to learning sound, visual, and storytelling.

“Film Club is new to York, but so far many students have branched out into learning new ways to improve their projects,¨ Johnsen said. ¨As someone who’s in Ytv and Film Club, I believe this year there’d be more people who’d be interested in projecting their work onto the big screen at the [Student Television Network] and [Midwest Media Educators Association].”

STN is a Student Television Network that projects high school level projects onto their main media programs that can initially serve as a great cause to project student short films. As well as for the Midwest Media Educators Association, that also shares similar goals to the STN association. Johnsen would like to share more filmmaking opportunities with his club members, by introducing them to higher possibilities in the filmmaking industry. Since Film Club branched out into being involved in other film organizations, Johnsen had been able to learn more about the technical side of filmmaking.

“The point of Film Club is to give the film industry more recognition, because then we’d be able to create a community that widens multiple perspectives of film,” Johnsen. “The club will be able to enhance their skills by projecting the true meaning behind dissecting each film into knowing the process of behind the scenes.”

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