Coach Fitz gives Luke Mailander a hug to congratulate him after a tough game.
Coach Fitz gives Luke Mailander a hug to congratulate him after a tough game.

Respected football coach announces leave after successful six years

After six years of dedication to the York football program, head coach Michael Fitzgerald announced his plans to move to Marist High School located in Chicago’s South Side. “Coach Fitz” is highly regarded by all considering the drastic positive changes he brought to the York team. This past year alone, Fitzgerald’s guidance brought York’s varsity players all the way to the state semi-finals, growing their confidence and leaving them with a positive team culture.

“What he did off the field was exceptional in regards to getting kids to buy in to what they had to do as far as work ethic, trust, leadership, community service, all those things,” Assistant Principal for Athletics Rob Wagner said.

By changing the team’s culture, Coach Fitz shaped the future for countless players and paved a path for future coaches at York to create an uplifting environment for the team. Fitzgerald was also committed to being there for his players on and off the field.

“He was such a positive role model for young men, I will miss that, “Wagner said. “He was a head coach that was in the building that was very organized. He was always accessible to students, parents, and our staff.”

Furthermore, Fitzgerald’s commitment to his mentorship grew the football program by being a great role model for the team. Fitz’s guidance helped the players succeed during a tough season.

“Honestly I will probably miss the great stories and speeches Fitz had,” senior Adam Fennell said. “They always seemed to get the guys hyped up before a game and motivate us to go all out for each other.”

Fitzgerald’s accomplishments at York are greatly appreciated by all. In a Marist press release, he stated, “The past six years at York were an unbelievable experience,” and, “I was able to work with so many incredible people and will cherish those relationships and memories forever.” It is clear the impact Fitzgerald had on York will live on long after he leaves our school.

“We’re going to miss his work ethic, his leadership, and everything he has done for our program,” Wagner said.

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