Freshman boys volleyball celebrates successful season


The Freshman A team celebrates their tournament win at Downer's Grove South.

On Mon., May 16, York’s freshman volleyball team finished this season with a win against Oaklawn, a strong record (25-1) and a promising future.

The team only had one loss this year to Glenbard West, an undefeated team that is also the prospective winner in Conference.

Team captain Sam Pozen spikes at the net.

Team Captains Sam Pozen and Edgar Roman led the Freshman A team, joining with the Freshman B team to have pasta parties and go on runs to motivate the teams.

Their teammate Hayden Snyder shared the feeling of camaraderie between the two teams and within their own.

“Although there was an “A” and a “B” team, there were no hard feelings between the two teams, and we both were able to have a great year,” Snyder said. “As an “A” team, we were able to lose only one conference match all year, and I think that can be attributed to our great team chemistry.”

The Freshman B team is also celebrating an impressive season with only two losses (not including tournaments).

Coaches credit much of the success to the boy’s determination, all boys on the team either playing club outside of school or hoping to join to strengthen their skills as they prepare for their next three years at York.

Freshman A team coach, Mr. Carrillo, shared his pride in the team and what he believes most attributed to the team’s success.

“The greatest factor to their success has been that as a team, they never gave up,” Carrillo said.  “Even when they were behind in games, they all remained calm and played one point at a time.  They are all good friends now, so they never got down on each other.  They supported each other when anyone made a mistake, and always rallied and pushed through to win.”

The A team huddles during a match
The A team huddles during a match.

As Carrillo highlights, the team built strong friendships that benefited them both on and off of the court.

Ethan Chael (left) and Collin McCarville (right) prepare for the block.

“As a freshman most of my friends have played club volleyball; however, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet new people from my age group and older age groups,” said team member Adrian Kocinski.  

Co-captain Sam Pozen encourages students to support their volleyball teams, both for their peers and the enjoyable sport.

“I really think volleyball is a very exciting sport for guys and girls,” Pozen said. “It doesn’t take a player to watch and is very entertaining at the higher levels. Everybody should try to go to a game or tournament to discover a new sport that not all people know about and recognize.”

This hardworking team has left a lasting impression on the program, and will propel the volleyball team forward to more success.