Schoenberg receives “Outstanding Educator” Award from University of Chicago


Joining the ranks of the many distinguished teachers here at York is math teacher, Mr. Max Schoenberg. Recently, Schoenberg received University of Chicago’s “Outstanding Educator” Award after being nominated by a York graduate who is now studying at the University of Chicago.

Schoenberg explained that he taught this student for two years, challenging her and helping her grow. He was very humble when asked about his nomination.

“Being nominated for and receiving the award was a great honor, but one that is certainly not mine alone,” said Schoenberg.

He has not only gained recognition outside the school, but from his colleagues and students within York as well.

Mr. Nolan Lamb, a fellow math teacher, praised Schoenberg’s superb organization, consideration of what is best for his students, and detail in his lessons each and every day.

“He’s a very personable person,” said Lamb. “But aside from that, he is an outstanding teacher.”

His students, despite the challenges they may face throughout his class, value him immensely. A group of students were asked about his class and had only good things to say.

“He’s good at relating real life things to the content we are learning,” said Tristan Contant, a current student in his class. “He’s always open to questions and he’s great at answering them.” 

Jacob Wit, a sophomore, noted that Schoenberg is very passionate in his teaching. Other students of Schoenberg mentioned how his class is different from others– in a great way.

“He forms the classes around not him talking but with us talking with each other,” said Marie Grasse, sophomore. “It makes the class more interesting; you get better at solving problems because you’re always solving problems.”

Schoenberg has stayed down to earth throughout the entire process, once again crediting his colleagues and students for his success.

“My colleagues are impressive teachers and very kind men and women,” said Schoenberg. “They inspire students to be their best and show the upmost dedication to the craft of teaching. I have been fortunate to teach so many students who strive to succeed, ask interesting questions, and have great attitudes about learning.”