Special Olympics basketball rules the court with 6-2 record

As the new semester gets off to a solid start, the Special Olympics basketball team continues to rule the court with their 6-2 season lead.

The Special Olympics basketball team is very proud of their accomplishments in the 2016-17 season.

Since the beginning of the season in November, the team has grown into a well-oiled machine and hopes to continue on this track for the state competition in March.

In addition to their impressive lead due to the athletic skill of the team, the players continue to form a stronger sense of camaraderie and grow from the experience of participating.

“This team made my high school experience better,” said Evan Simon, sophomore. “It really made me have to show leadership–everyone on the team shows leadership. I really like it because we all help each other out and we rely on each other.”

Though the season has had many high points for the team, they face challenges as they continue advancing.

“We had a tough time when we lost our game at Lyons Township,” said Alex Boxall, junior. “Some of our team members have also been injured.”

The team maintains their positive attitude no matter the difficulties they’re faced with. This is noticed by fans in the stands.

“The best part of the game was the constant smiles and such happiness regardless if they personally scored or if their team won,” said Yizcel Carrera, spectator and senior.

The team is definitely great as a whole, but some key players stand out to coaches.

“Our lone senior Alex Hamilton has had a number special moments, including leading the team in scoring on Jan. 19th at Downers Grove North,” said both Westendorf and Wealton. “Nikolai Krumrey, Paul Rosland and Finn Wicklow all achieved starting spots as first-year players.”

Stay tuned to keep up with the team and see what great heights they reach next in Special Olympics basketball. Come out and support your Dukes!