Donald J. Trump sworn in as 45th president

On Jan. 20 at noon, our country welcomed the 45th President of the United States, Mr. Donald J. Trump.

Thousands gathered in Washington DC to witness former president Barack Obama pass the torch to President Trump.

In his inauguration speech, President Trump went on to explain some of his new ideas of how he is going to run our country while thousands protested on the streets of Washington, D.C.

Throughout President Trump’s speech, he explained how he plans to bring jobs back to America by creating more industry and by bringing jobs back that have moved from the United States to places like Mexico and Canada.

President Trump also went on to say how instead of interfering with foreign affairs, we need to focus on our own problems by cleaning up our inner cities and reforming our school systems.

The President also stressed that every decision made by the government will be in mind of “America first”over anyone or anything else.

Ultimately, President Trump’s goals are to rebuild our industry, to take over the drug issues that every big city faces, and to destroy all terrorist groups that have been causing havoc across the globe.

Only time will show how effective President Trump’s new ideas will be and how they take shape.