Meet the Kings of the Couch: Dukes Anatomy


Nate Swanson

Seniors Alex Wood (left) and Amethyst Nieves are saving lives by prescribing unenthusiastic Dukes with some school spirit with their King of the Couch group Dukes Anatomy

The doctors are in! Seniors Amethyst Nieves and Alex Wood have teamed up to prescribe York students with a hefty dose of school spirit with their King of the Couch group Dukes Anatomy.

Q: What inspired your King of the Couch group?

A: All the groups from previous years have inspired us to do King of the Couch, and we hope to inspire future groups. We want to push school spirit forward and pass the torch on to underclassmen.

Q: Besides going to football games and dressing up, what do you do to spread school spirit?

A: We act goofy just to show that there’s freedom here at York and that you can show school pride however you want.

Q: Why does your group deserve to win King of the Couch this year?

A: We are crazy enough to dress up and show that we bleed green, and we’re saving lives, one duke at a time!