Meet the Kings of the Couch: Denim Dukes


Eileen King

Seniors (from left) Sam Toreja, Alex Felten, Luke Ahern and Peter Alfini of King of the Couch group Denim Dukes urge York students to “fly the jean” to show off their school spirit.

Whether it be with jorts, a jean vest or a jean jacket, Seniors Sam Toreja, Alex Felten, Luke Ahern and Peter Alfini of the Denim Dukes don’t just have a passion for fashion, they have a passion for school spirit too!

Q: What inspired your King of the Couch group?

A: We knew we wanted to do this since Freshmen year, and we love wearing anything denim, so we decided that in order to fuel our passion, we have to wear more denim on Fridays.

Q: Besides going to football games and dressing up, what do you do to spread school spirit?

A: We love yelling around the school and flying the jean. We go to practices, club events, games- you can catch us at anything York related, flying the jean and wearing denim 24/7!

Q: Why does your group deserve to win King of the Couch this year?

A: Denim should have a really special place in everybody’s heart, and if it doesn’t, then what are you even doing on Planet Earth? Everyone wears denim at least once a month so therefore everyone should vote for us because we wear it all the time. Everybody wears denim, everybody needs denim.