Speech team tournament champions at H-F Halloween Classic Novice Tournament

Speech team embarks on their 2017-2018 season with a successful day at the H-F Halloween Classic Novice Tournament. The tournament took place at Thornton Township High School Sat., Oct. 28, and the team took home first place with 206 points, Thorton Tech following them in second with 181 points.

This tournament was the first competition for all speech team members joining the team this year, and the unique competition experience was different than what certain students expected.

“I first expected the tournament to be a lot more stressful,” said senior Kevin Homan. “I thought it would be fast paced and unforgiving, but it was easy going and a lot of fun. I got to meet some new people and new friends.”

Along with having fun, the win gave students confidence that will propel them to work hard into the rest of the season.

“I hope these results will help me push myself further and to strive to do even better,” said freshman Kathryn King. “I know that now Mr. Martin will be expecting more from me, so I plan to work very hard this season.”

The full list of students who placed is below:  


Tournament Champions

James Golen (Extemporaneous Speaking)

Rose Menichini (Impromptu Speaking)

Lauren Klein (Informative Speaking)

Maya Gibes (Original Oration)

Kathryn King (Prose Reading)

Matt Hauser (Radio Speaking)

Kevin Homan (Radio Speaking)


2nd Place

Joe Brown (Extemporaneous Speaking & Impromptu Speaking)

Adrian Zhuang (Informative Speaking)

Daria Tsoneva (Original Oration)


3rd Place

Brianna King & Jake Downey (Dramatic Duet Acting)

Grace Maietta (Dramatic Interpretation)

Jeffrin Joseph (Extemporaneous Speaking)

Jillian Caforio & Sebastian Rohn (Humorous Duet Acting)

Jaime Gleason (Oratorical Declamation)


4th Place

Sebastian Rohn & Matt Hauser (Dramatic Duet Acting)

Anna Collins & Holly Goodwin (Dramatic Duet Acting)

Holly Goodwin (Dramatic Interpretation)

Charlie Kungl & Emma Taylor (Humorous Duet Acting)

Lucy Valeski (Impromptu Speaking)

Meagan Maiers (Original Oration)

Brigid O’Brien (Special Occasion Speaking)


5th Place

Adrian Zhuang (Impromptu Speaking)

Tanya Guerrero (Informative Speaking)

Kathryn King (Poetry)

Anna Collins (Poetry)

Dasha Brooks (Special Occasion Speaking)


6th Place

Abigail Marinetti (Informative Speaking)