Why join track?


Boys Track and Field 2017 varsity team.

With the large trophy case in front of the gyms and the full indoor track in the Joe Newton Field House, it’s hard to ignore York’s outstanding running program. But with a long season and hard workouts, some students might ask: Why join track and field?

First of all, track is a no-cut sport, meaning everyone is accepted onto the team.  Some hesitant students believe that because of York’s long story of success, they’re not good enough to be part of that. However, according to assistant coach Matt Mimlitz, that is simply not true.

“First, if you are willing to come out every day and do the work you are welcome to be here [track practice],” Mimlitz said. “Second, you may not be a sub-five minute miler when you come out, and if you come out and your first mile is ten minutes and you work hard every day, I can guarantee you will get better and you will get faster, so that makes you a good athlete. You’re a good athlete if you’re committed to your sport.”

Then there is the community. As with many other team sports you bond with your teammates, and with the large number of people that come out for track, it feels like a big community.

“It’s fun to do things with other kids that are difficult,” said head coach Charlie Kern. “Then you have those battle stories you’re able to share twenty years from now. You get to be friends for life and teammates forever.”

Finally, there is the experience of being part of something bigger than yourself. Being a part of a team is one of the greatest things about athletics because it isn’t just you. You have all of these other people supporting you and working with you to achieve common goals.

“To say that you wore a York Duke jersey and competed in a meet or competition of some sort is something that most kids would love to do but never get the chance.” Kern said.

Although the season may be long and the workload is significant, the feeling you get when you beat a personal record is indescribable.

“It a lot of hard work, but I’m glad I did it.” sophomore track athlete Joey Alvestad said.

The boy’s track season officially starts on Mon., Jan. 22, with practice being held at 3:25 in the field house; however, since Jan. 15 optional practice has been taking place. If you are interested in joining the team, you need to register on the York athletic website, pay the fee of $125, and have an updated physical on file with the athletic department. Once you’ve done those things, you’re ready for your first day of track.

So come out for the track team: “You have nothing to lose, and the worst thing that’s going to happen is you’re going to get in shape,” Mimlitz said.