What’s all the Yakkin’ about?

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You can say anything that comes to mind. You can be as profane as you would like. No one will know who you are. It’s an appealing offer for any high school gossiper, and it’s not far from reach.

Originally created for college students to connect with people in very close proximity to them by posting a short message to an anonymous feed, Yik Yak has strayed a little bit from its purpose.

Instead, it has given us all the opportunity to say the good, the bad, and the ugly, about anyone or anything we would like.

Within the first two weeks of this school year, everyone was talking about it. It was hard to walk down the hallway or have a conversation with friends without the mentioning of the app. It has captured our attention because of its controversial tendencies.

When asked what she thought of Yik Yak, senior Liz Hernandez said, “I personally think, it’s hilarious.”

Senior Natalia Cismesia added, “It’s funny as long as it’s not targeting certain individuals.”

Many other students seem to share the same opinion of it’s hilarity, that is if you are not on the receiving side of rude comments.

Personally, I think the app can be funny until it goes too far. I understand the freedom of our First Amendment, but at times it is extremely harsh.

Some people may feel like it is their opportunity to say things that they would never say in person, which gives Yik Yak a negative reputation. Bullying is an issue in regards to the ruthless comments that have been made, but it is hard to say whether or not it is a serious issue.

While we probably have something much more productive to do, instead, we choose to stare at our phone screens and read anonymous posts about, well, basically nothing. And we enjoy it, too.

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