Students wait in line to get food during their lunch period.
Students wait in line to get food during their lunch period.
Mia Barclay

Best to worst- students rank our lunch food

Lunchtime is a well anticipated period here at York. Not just for the opportunity of alleviation in between the school day, but also for the food that comes with it. We have four lunch lines, offering a wide range of options — from nachos to hotdogs — and occasionally switching meals on some days. We even have a coffee bar as well, a lesser known option.

After surveying a variety of students, it is clear that a majority hold the nacho line as their favorite, which doesn’t come as a shock, considering the line is out the door nearly every day. Coming up as a close second is the orange chicken, and third, the pizza line.

“My favorite is definitely the nachos.” Isabella Ambrosino, senior, said. “I like how you are able to customize what you want with the nachos- there are so many options.”

As said before, the nachos continue to hold first place amongst many students. Not only can you get customized nachos, but there are other foods you can choose from in that line as well.

“The nachos are so good, probably my favorite out of all of them.” Dayanara Mendoza, senior, said. “They also have other foods in that line too- like burritos and bowls- which I’ve heard are good too.”

Every Thursday, instead of pasta, students are offered orange chicken, a well anticipated meal for many. Without doubt, the orange chicken and egg rolls hold second place.

“My favorite lunch line is the orange chicken line,” Carly Palermo, senior said. “It is so good everytime. I just wish they had it more often.”

After talking to a handful of students, it is clear that those who love the orange chicken do wish that it was available everyday. On the other hand, this fact alone definitely increases the desire for the food, and only adds to its avidity.

“I’d say orange chicken or nachos for me.” Ava Brown, junior, said. “It just sucks that the orange chicken is only on Thursdays.”

At third place, the pizza line holds its spot quite steady. This can be credited towards the popularity of pizza in general and its simplicity. Here at York, the lunch ladies’ generosity is often seen illuminating the room, adding a kind and welcoming atmosphere to the students’ school day.

“The pizza line is so good.” Reilly Costello, senior, said. “The ladies working the line are so kind and always make my day.”

It is with no doubt we are all lucky to have such a variety of food to look forward to everyday. Let’s just hope we have another sushi day soon!

“That one time we had sushi though- that was definitely my favorite.” Brown said. “Nothing compares to that.”

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