York Varsity Football celebrates senior night and honors the class of 2021


Photo by Hannah Brody

Senior Sami Ayash runs to bring the Dukes to a tie game Friday night against Willowbrook. After a long and aggressive game the Dukes went on to win 25-23 to beat the unbeaten Willowbrook varsity football team. “The whole year we’ve been on a thin thread and didn’t know if we were going to be able to finish a full season,” Ayash said. “With that problem our team still worked hard at all times on and off the field and gave it 100%.”

Danielle Stockwell, Sports Editor

                                                               Senior and wide reciever Luke Malaga races down the field with his team behind him to put the Dukes in the lead against Willowbrook. The Dukes finished with a win after 16 receptions and 114 rushing yards from Malaga, setting a school record for receptions in one game. “I feel grateful to have a senior night, especially with how everything has gone this year, and it will be nice to reflect on my career at York,” Malaga said. (Photo by Hannah Brody )

With seasons being shorter than normal, senior nights are being played earlier in the season, in case CDC protocol shuts down teams. Fields are surrounded by senior posters honoring the players and the effort they have put into the programs over the years. Even though it may not be the last home game for seniors, it still has the same significance for those celebrating their last high school games. 

This year, York moved their Varsity Football Senior Night to April 9 instead of April 23, but seniors are just as excited about being honored. They have shown leadership, effort and commitment for the past four years, which they will continue to show throughout games that will be played after senior night. 

 “Senior night has always been something I looked forward to,” senior and wide receiver Aaron Berman said.  “I remember last year as a junior, we all sat in the halftime room thinking about the seniors that led us, mentored us and taught us what it meant to be a varsity York football player; now that we are seniors, we had to be the leaders and show juniors the ropes.”

Although their time as York athletes is not over yet, it may be hard to think that it is right around the corner, especially for the underclassmen that look up to these leaders. 

“The seniors on the team all give off a great energy, from the guys on the field to the guys on the sideline keeping everyone amped up,” junior and defensive end Jeffery Coglianese said. “It is going to be sad to see them go because of the relationships we have made, but I am excited to see what they achieve later on.” 

Senior and quarterback Max Assad hands off the ball to Malaga as the Dukes compete in the red zone to stay in the lead and win their senior night game. With the game staying close in score for all four quarters, the Dukes came out with a 25-23 win. “Winning senior night with a game like that is something every high school football player dreams of,” Assad said. “Winning is fun, but the best part was celebrating with my teammates, knowing that we had done something so special.” (Photo courtesy of Hannah Brody )

With time running out, the seniors start to look back at all they have accomplished over the years and really get a better understanding of what it means to be a team after such an unpredictable season. 


“I feel that the circumstances of this season helped our team grow very close very fast, and I’d like to think it was the work of the other captains and myself which made that possible,” Assad said. “As seniors, we have done a great job preparing the younger players to step into the leadership roles next season and they will continue to build York football into a championship program.”

Memories will always be with those that are graduating, and with senior night 25-23 win over Willowbrook, the players will be adding another memory to an unforeseeable year. It will be hard to see players go, but the impact they have left on the program will never be forgotten.

“I’m going to miss the football bond me and my teammates [sic] had because it’s going to be sad to look back on it and think of all the memories we’ve had together,” senior and receiver Sami Ayash said. “We’ve been through a lot that no one has ever gone through to have a season. To look back on it in the future, I’m glad to say I was a Duke.”