Dukes get spooked: a collection of paranormal experiences

With Halloween creeping up at the start of next week, the Dukes are getting spooky. Your classmates have shared some of their paranormal experiences that they have managed to survive.

Scroll through this creepy collection of short stories to get in the Halloween spirit.


“This one time I was in Florida, and 9-1-1 was called from my house when no one was home–my dogs were home but that was it. The police were walking around my house and my cousin who lives across the street noticed and came over, but nothing was touched and no one was there,” said Steph Stramel, senior.

“One night I was laying in my bed, and for some reason was laying on my back with my hands crossed in front of me–I never, ever, lay on my back, but this night I didn’t even notice until all of the sudden it felt like a pair of hands grasped mine for a moment, waking me up. I shot up with and was too scared to sleep the rest of the night,” said an anonymous student.

“My grandfather passed away a couple years ago, and I missed him so much…One night, I was in my room, and I remember it was oddly warm, and I couldn’t sleep. I sat up to take the covers off of me and I looked up to see a man in my doorway. He was wearing a black checkerboard robe, he had glasses, no hair, and I could not identify any facial features because of the poor lighting. Although I couldn’t see any facial features, I knew for a fact that it was my grandfather,” said Sofia Pizarro, freshman.

“One time I woke up in the middle of the night and I heard something moving under my bed. I was curious what was causing it, but was taken by surprise when the end of my mattress started rising up! I was paralyzed with fear and fell asleep not knowing what had caused it to happen. When I woke up everything returned to normal, but I sure got spooked!” said Kevin Hohman, junior.

“I was babysitting, and one of the little kids came up to me and said ‘the bad things come out at night, they stay in cages during the day, but in the night they hurt people.’ I thought they were messing with me and kind of ignored it. Then, I put them to bed and about an hour later, one of the kids is crying in his room saying ‘they’re here, they’re gonna hurt us’, and all the faucets in the house started running. At this point, I was freaking out, turned all the faucets off, and put the kids back to bed. I never babysat them again; they’re definitely haunted–severely.” said an anonymous student.

“One night a few years ago, I was home alone and was sitting in my basement watching T.V. when all of the sudden, all the lights went out including the computer and T.V., but when I ran upstairs all the lights were still on. Then, they flickered off upstairs and turned on again downstairs.  It was like wherever I went, the lights would shut off. Creepy,” said Sarah Wagner, senior.  

“I always have dreams that random strangers are walking around my house. When I wake up in the morning the front doors will be wide open,” said an anonymous student.

Have a safe and happy Halloween York!