Haunted Thrills

Haunted Thrills


Not a big fan of baseball? Looking for something fun to do besides trick or treating on Halloween? You’ve come to the right place! Though I am not a haunted house enthusiast, listed below are some of the top haunts this year has brought to the Chicagoland area. If you like gore, guts, and getting spooked, be sure to check out an astatesville-logo-2013-with-icon-character-final-500x409ttraction on this list!

1. Statesville Haunted Prison: Lockport, Illinois

Oh no! Statesville has let its prisoners escape once again! This haunted prison has had continuously great reviews and topped the best haunted house lists for years. For just $30, you have the opportunity to find your way through 23 of the prison’s maximum-security cells, but beware because the guards have fled! After surviving the prison, you enter into the City Of The Dead, where you will pass the mass graves of former inmates. If you think you have the guts to endure sights and smells of an abandoned prison, Statesville should catch your eye. Open 7-10 pm on Thursday and Sunday, and 7-11 pm on Friday and Saturday, catch the prisoners before the guards come back after Halloween night!

2.Disturbia: Screams In The Park: Rosemont,Illinois

1410814075-disturbia_ticketsHaving been one of the only haunted houses I have and will ever go to, I would definitely rate this fright “two fangs up”! Located at the MB Financial Park in Rosemont, the 2016 version of Disturbia is better than ever. The initial setup began all the way back in June! The haunt leads you into a Victorian-style house, which seems normal, but reveals its true terror as you descend to the houses lower levels. There are rooms filled with complete darkness, tight spaces, and its most favorable highlight: an underground sewer complete with electricity and running water. Joe Pantano, co-owner of Disturbia, describes it as a “journey from the normalcy of life into the bottom of the barrel of horror.” If this house catches your eye, be sure to check it out next weekend, November 4-5th, to catch its “Pitch Black” event. General admission is $30.

3. Dungeon of Doom: Zion, Illinois460_345_resize

At only $25 a ticket , some may assume that the lower price suggests a lower level of “fright”,but that is definitely not the case! Dungeon of Doom is celebrating 20 years of fear, so this year’s attraction is packed with unforgettable scenes. It is described as an “in-your-face, maximum intensity haunt.” If you are brave enough, head over to the old Briquette Factory in Zion, Illinois, where the Dungeon of Doom is located. Smack dab between Chicago and Milwaukee, the house lasts about an hour, so be prepared to face terror you never had dreamed of! The coolest part about this haunted house, is that after completed its course, you take a survey on what you liked and disliked about the experience so that they can improve for next years attraction. The dungeon takes you through rooms such as The Human Grinder, The Attic, and The Cabin of Carnage. Be prepared to close your eyes and hold on tightly to your friends!

4. House of Torment: Morton Grove, Illinois

The perks of comunknown-2ing to the House of Torment: two attractions in one! This years house features “Nightmare High”, whose halls are full of undead teenagers seeking revenge. And its second attraction, “The Frenzy”, which mimics a lockdown zone full of bandits, rioters, and murderous maniacs. You will enter through Nightmare High, and if you’re lucky enough to make it out alive, The Frenzy will be waiting for you after. Get ready to be spooked by crazed teenagers and criminals on the loose! This house has come to be known across the United States and has been featured on the Discovery and Travel channel. $25 at the door and $23 online, reviews suggest this house is a fan favorite. This attraction is open until November 5th.