Collage Concert showcases the passion of the York music community

York musicians came together Wednesday night under the fieldhouse roof to share in a night of music and dance. The Collage Concert, held at the beginning of every year, showcases each individual music and performing arts ensemble with a piece they’ve worked on since the beginning of the year. 

”Battle of Jericho,” the acapella song performed by Concert Choir, featured the male section as a rock for the rest of the choir. It also featured Katherine Bartosz, senior, belting a high note from the soprano section of the choir.

“I really think that one of the greatest strengths of the department, as many departments around York, are the kids that are involved in this department,” said William Riddle, Performing Arts Department Chair. “I think a big reason that they thrive and enjoy it so much is not only the music making and the opportunities there, but that feeling of community and collaboration. And enjoying each other’s company.”

Performing “Crown Imperial,” the symphonic band highlighted the patriotic dynamic swells as well as the tempo changes of the tune, while still being able to fill the entire fieldhouse with their music.

The sense of community is present through all aspects of the Performing Arts Department, and was felt by both the musicians and directors at the concert. For many, the Collage Concert is their favorite concert of the year.

“My favorite part is seeing the collaboration among all of the departments and the appreciation for all of the arts together,” said Choir Director Rebecca Marianetti. “Everybody gets to see each other and appreciate what everyone else is doing, especially for the younger students to see the older students and look at where they can head to.”

The wide array of performers, from freshman performing in their first concert to seniors beginning their last year, come together to show how their skills are strengthened throughout their music education at York.

The concert orchestra performed “To Tame the Raging Rapids” as their piece for the concert. This piece featured dynamic swells of sound to sound like an actual river of rapids, flowing through the different sections of the orchestra.

“You get to see almost every aspect of the music department,” said Madds Buckley, senior in both Concert Choir and jazz band. “You’re seeing everything that choir, orchestra, and band can do, and you can see the progress from the starting levels to the highest levels… it’s a really cool thing that you get to see everything that is offered for you.”

Along with the traditional three ensembles within band, orchestra, and choir, there are also performances from Advanced Dance, jazz band, and the DUKES Marching Band.

Students and audience members were on their feet to dance along with the DUKES Marching Band playing the York fight song.

“I love choir but dance was probably my favorite because we got to collaborate with the jazz band and swing dance was different and super cool,” said Junior Ashley Homolka who participated Concert Choir and Advanced Dance.

The Concert Began with a performance by Advanced Dance featuring music by the jazz band, a collaboration that celebrates the theme of different ensembles coming together. Within each ensemble students and directors are also learning how to come together in the new year, only having since August 16 to perfect their pieces and create music with their new ensembles.

“It’s great for each individual group to have such a quick turnaround to have a performance so quickly in the year,” said Music Department Chair Bill Riddle. “I think it really helps motivate the individual groups as well.”

Advanced Dance performed a 50s style swing dance while the jazz band performed “Jump Jive an’ Wail” as their accompaniment. Dancers dressed in costumes from that time period to make it even more authentic.

The hard work was evident as all students, staff, and families of the York Performing Arts Department came together to celebrate the community’s strong music community and persistence towards excellence in another showcase of the music department at York.

“It’s a lot of work but in the end it’s all worth it,” said sophomore Matt Hauser, who is a member of both Concert Band and Concert Choir, “because hearing all of the different ensembles and all the work they put into it is just amazing.”