Homecoming spirit week: Pajama Monday

Today begins the countdown to Homecoming weekend, and York students and staff didn’t snooze on school spirit to kick off the week with Monday’s pajama day theme. Students dressed in everything from sweats to onesies to embrace the comfy day while teachers in various academic departments geared up for the annual “most spirited department” contest, in which each department tries to out-spirit the others by wholeheartedly embracing each day’s theme.

Photo by Julia Jardon
Senior Olivia Braun conducts the marching band in her pajamas to welcome other pajama-clad students to school.
Photo by Luc Plaisted
Sophomores Andrew Trenta (left) and Nick Pomatto (right) wear their flannel pajama pants for PJ day on Mon. Sept. 18.
Photo by Ellie Ryan
Seniors Danielle Fite and Abbie Lockie wore colorful pajama pants to match their King of the Couch costumes to the day’s theme.
Photo by Luc Plaisted
Sophmores Ashley Hoffman (left) and Rose Klinger (right) sporting their onsies.
Photo by Gracie Tully
Senior Ben St. Claire rocks a snazzy set of snowman pajamas.
Photo by Luc Plaisted
Junior Hannah Hughes wears all flannel and even a sleep mask for when she needs to nap in class on Mon. Sept. 18.
Photo by Nate Swanson
Matt Boxall, senior, sports his Cookie Monster pj’s.
Photo by Nate Swanson
Jenin Teleron and Elena Vezmar, seniors, rep their pajama wear in the senior courtyard. September 18, 2017
Photo by Gracie Tully
Senior Elliott Achepohl (left) wearing a festive panda onesie.
Photo by Gracie Tully
Freshman Emily Brownlie sporting a lion onesie.


Photo by Joshua Green
The English department cannot keep their eyes open after enjoying their favorite bedtime stories . Sept. 18, 2017.


Photo courtesy of Jessica Nall
World Language teachers throw a slumber party. September 18, 2017.


Photo courtesy of Kara Dollaske
York Student Services and their furry friends enjoy pajama day. Sept. 18, 2017.


Photo courtesy of Ryan Doherty
The administrative team welcomes its new assistant principal for activities. Sept. 18, 2017.