The hidden gems of Elmhurst

Elmhurst is an amazing town with a LOT to do. But sometimes, going to the typical Uptown Elmhurst hot spots can become dry and routine.

Lucky for you, there are some really cool places in Elmhurst that have been overlooked! From stores to recreation, here are a few unique places to visit that are located right in Elmhurst’s City Centre.

The Room Upstairs

Photo courtesy of David Hansen
York students rep the Dukes at The Room Upstairs with “Team Bleed Green.” The Room Upstairs is a team building exercise jammed packed with fun puzzles and situations that require critical thinking.

If you’re looking for a fun yet thought provoking time with friends or family, look no further than The Room Upstairs.

Located in between the York Theatre and The Gaming Goat, The Room Upstairs is a new escape room in uptown Elmhurst. The Room Upstairs has two rooms: Word Mania, a large scale wordsearch, and Captain’s Quarter, a pirate themed puzzle that was annexed in early September.

“[The Room Upstairs] is really cool,” said junior David Hansen. “It’s really well designed, and it’s challenging to figure out, but it’s not impossible.”

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Revolution Guitar Company and Records

Photo courtesy of Revolution Guitar Company
From The Beatles to Beastie Boys, Revolution Guitar Company has everything a music fanatic could ever need, not only with records, but with instruments as well.

Tucked away on the second floor of 101 N Addison in uptown Elmhurst is a rockin’ room filled to the brim with all things music.

Revolution Guitar Company and Records has everything you could ever need for a jam session- the place is full of amazing vintage guitars, classic vinyl records, and a plethora of other instruments- all hand picked by the professional musicians who work there. From classics like the Beatles to more modern artists such as Sam Smith, you can always find something you like.

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Elmhurst Model Railroad Club

Photo courtesy of the Elmhurst Model Railroad Club
Don’t be fooled – this isn’t an actual train station! The members of the Elmhurst Model Railroad Club, or EMRRC for short, have spent hours making a realistic replica of a Metra train station native to Chicago.

All aboard! This impressive club has been around for about 60 years now, but it’s as awesome as ever!

The Elmhurst Model Railroad Club, or EMRRC for short, consists of passionate members who spend hours on end creating scenes and maintaining models. Many of the elaborate setups are based on life in the Midwest throughout history. Although the club is open to paying members every weeknight, the only times non-members can stop by are Friday nights and Sunday evenings, but it’s totally worth setting aside time to appreciate the hard work that’s been put into the display.

“On open house nights, all three of our train layouts are usually being operated,” said Ashley, a member of the EMRRC who has been involved with the club for 15 years. “We are always looking for membership, so come down and apply!”

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The Pink Elephant

Photo courtesy of Pink Elephant
Pink Elephant resale shop is the perfect place for someone who has a knack for knick knacks. From books to boots, Pink Elephant has it all.

Although it’s located prominently on 1st Street across from the train station, The Pink Elephant resale store is often overlooked despite its great items at great prices, not to mention that all the proceeds go to the Elmhurst Memorial Hospital.

From DVDs to homewares, the Pink Elephant is like a treasure hunt: you’ve got to keep an eye out for the good stuff. Some items from the Pink Elephant I’ve personally found were Sperry Top Siders ($4), Vans high tops ($5) and I even bought my prom dress there! The best part is the friendly volunteers who are happy to help you and always greet you with a smile.
“I feel like it’s really a treasure spot of Elmhurst that no one even notices,” said Connor Karwowski, a junior at York as well as an avid Pink Elephant visitor. “Goodwill is great, but when the funds go to the hospital, it’s even better.”

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