Leaping into Tuck Everlasting rehearsals


Photo courtesy of Abbie Lockie

Seniors (from left to right) Olivia Braun, Danielle Fite, Jackie Meyer, and Abbie Lockie sporting their 80’s outfits to match Monday’s choreo week theme.

From tropical wear to camouflage, the cast members of “Tuck Everlasting” are showing off a different style each day and dancing ‘till they drop.

Each year, the spring musical dedicates a week to learn all of the choreography in the show, “choreo week” as the cast calls it, some students spending 14 hour days at school. This year, cast members dressed according to a theme each day, some days containing bright colors and others with crazy socks.

Photo by CeCe Lampa
Juniors Sidney Valdez and Jacki Riek sporting a “bumblebee look” for twin day. Both are members of the dance corps and are loving this show. “I love choreography week because I love dancing and it is every part of me,” Riek said. “It is super fun to get to spend this time with people who are basically my family.”
Photo courtesy of Danielle Fite
Tye Dye Tuesday was a big success for the cast. Junior Bridey Costello, wearing a pink, white, and blue tye dye shirt, is happy to be part of her first spring musical. “They are long and hard days, but in the end, it pays off for an amazing show,” Costello said. “You also get to spend every waking moment with your friends, which is pretty awesome.”
Photo by CeCe Lampa
Eight of the freshman in Tuck Everlasting with matching shirts and leggings on twin day. For many, it is their first York show and an exciting new experience. Freshman Tessa Olson is in her first show, and enjoys putting her emotions into her dancing. “I love choreography because I love to create with people- it’s so inspiring to see everyone come together and make a final product using our hearts and minds,” Olson said.
Photo by CeCe Lampa
Sophomores Sebastian Rohn and Sean Solem with senior Abbie Lockie showing off their USA gear.