When it comes to taking artsy pictures, most people flee to Chicago or a woodsy area to get that perfect snapshot, but most people don’t realize how photogenic the city of Elmhurst truly is. If you scroll through my Instagram account (my username is @memeileen, in case you were wondering), you’ll see a few pictures in Chicago or other non-local places, but for the most part, my pictures are taken in Elmhurst! Many of the settings I’m about to show are not foreign, in fact, you’ve probably frequented many of these locations as a resident of Elmhurst. The main point of this article is to open your eyes to how lucky we are to live in such a great town with so much untapped beauty.

Here’s a picture of me posing for prom at Elmhurst College back when I didn’t look like The Lorax.

Elmhurst College

Elmhurst College’s campus is beautiful year-round, but in the Spring, the school grounds are vibrant with beautiful trees! My friends and I opted to take our prom pictures there last year, and it was one of the best decisions ever-the scenery was gorgeous and there was a variety of different places that you could take some hot pics.

Wilder Park Conservatory

This one is a given – with plants in full bloom that are tailored to the season, the Wilder Park Conservatory is a go-to place for pictures. The greenery makes you look and feel like you’re in an English garden when in actuality, you’re standing in a hot greenhouse in the heart of Elmhurst.

Here’s a picture of me chillin’ on the top level of a parking garage in Elmhurst.

Atop a Parking Garage

There ain’t no sunrise like an Elmhurst sunrise! One of the best places to get photos in Elmhurst is at a high altitude, whether it be at night or, my personal favorite, during a sunrise or sunset. Make sure you research the pique time of the sunrise or sunset for optimum results!

Elmhurst Art Museum

Another Elmhurst standby, the Elmhurst Art Museum is always a showstopper. A crowd-pleaser is David Wallace Haskins’ “SkyCube”, which is basically Elmhurst’s version of Chicago’s “The Bean.” The incredible view of the sky made into a two-dimensional piece is an amazing backdrop for any type of photo. If you want to learn more about “SkyCube”, check out my Under the Monocle with David Wallace Haskins!

My friend Noelle Pedote, who’s a junior, and me killing it in front of the SkyCube.


Wilder Mansion

The Wilder Mansion is as beautiful as it is historic. This huge landmark in the middle of Wilder Park makes you look like an aristocrat despite the fact that you can’t afford to get guacamole on your burrito at Chipotle. The crisp white paint and the overall regal presence of the building is a total slam dunk when it comes to snapping pictures.

This list is just a jumping off point- there are so many places in Elmhurst that can act as a backdrop for your photoshoot.