York Dance finishes tenth year with recital of original choreography from students and teachers


Photo by Nate Swanson

Students sauté across the stage during their performance of “Smooth Sailin'”.

On Tuesday March 6, the York Dance Company and Advanced Dance class performed their final recital of the year, with styles ranging from a hip hop Michael Jackson dance to a lyrical interpretation of “At Last” sung by Beyonce.

This recital is quite unique to other dance performances because many of the pieces were choreographed by York students. Auditions for choreography were in December of last year, leading to students in the company being placed into different dances. One student, sophomore Ariana Kapotas, choreographed a solo for senior Ella Glabus, who was thrilled with the dance.

Photo by Nate Swanson
Senior Ella Glabus performing a solo choreographed by Ariana Kapotas to the song “Save Myself” by Ed Sheeran

“The choreographed piece I was in was a solo, so it was a very unique experience,” Glabus said. “It was exciting to be a part of my choreographer’s vision, and it was an amazing opportunity to perform alone, doing what I love.”

The recital began with a dance from the fall performance of the dance company of the song “Smooth Sailin’”. This was choreographed by a guest choreographer, York alumna Ruthie Pincha. The second half of the performance also began with a piece from the fall performance, which was created by a student teacher, Ms. Pinta. Her piece was for the song “Dare You To Move”, and was inspired by “the times in your life you just need somebody to pull you up”.

Photo by Nate Swanson
A group performing to the orchestral version of “Dare You To Move”.

Senior Carina Kanzler choreographed a duet featuring senior Nicole Polizzi and freshman Tessa Olson to “Saw You in a Dream” by the Japanese House, and senior Nicole Polizzi choreographed a powerful dance to Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous”. Ella Glabus, along with performing a solo, choreographed a lyrical dance to “At Last” by Beyonce.

Senior Emma Phillips choreographed a hip hop number to “Manolo” by Trip Lee, which brought a new element of dance and movement to the concert. Danielle Fite, senior, also choreographed a YDC number “Retrograde”, that had her dancers using intense movement and focus throughout.

Photo by Nate Swanson
Dancers bow their heads in the final pose for senior Ella Glabus’ dance to “At Last”.

Advanced Dance also contributed their Fine Arts Week showcase and performed “Shine On”, “Fibonacci”, and “Finish Line” for one last time. Usually, Advanced Dance contributes one piece to the YDC show, but this year all of Advanced Dance’s pieces were featured.

To finish the recital, junior Sidney Valdez choreographed to the hit song “Feel It Still”, with excitement for the fast paced work that was ahead of her dancers. Not only was this dance quite aerobic, it featured a unique style of dancing that was quite enjoyed by audience and dancers alike.

“The modern yet fosse like style of Sidney’s dance made it so much fun, the choreography was different from what I was used to so it made the dance both engaging and exciting,” freshman Maddie Brown said.