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Senior Summer Excitments

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With summer just around the corner, there’s no doubt we all have some exciting plans, especially for those seniors who want to make the most of their last summer before they go off to high school and make new friends. Whether it’s traveling far, going to music festivals and concerts, working to earn some money before college, there’s no doubt seniors have some exciting plans.

“I’m excited to go to Europe and see some of my family i haven’t seen in 10 years,” Anastasija Iglenza said. “I will be visiting France, Greece, Serbia and Switzerland for three and a half weeks.”

Iglenza isn’t the only one traveling far this summer, here is another York senior who is lucky enough to experience another countries culture this summer.

“I’m going to India to see my cousins wedding and it’s going to be pretty dope.” Anshul Shah said. “I’ll be there for four to five days to see the wedding and spend time with family because most of them live in India. ”

Although some of us may not be traveling as far and exotic as others, many students have other fun summer festivities to look forward to with friends that will are a little closer to home, such as music festivals.

“This summer I am looking forward to Country Thunder in Twin Lakes, WI,” Abby Medema said “It was super fun last year, and I love camping and country music.”

Country Thunder may not be made for everyone, luckily there are lots of other music festivals around us for seniors to attend and make some final memories at.

“Im looking forward to hanging with my friends and going to lollapalooza because the lineup is very good this year.” Kara Zec said “but will still be busy with a nannying job for the summer.”


Senior Anshul Shah

Senior Kara Zec

Senior Anastasija Iglenza

Senior Abby Medema

Although high school may be coming to an end for the seniors, their time together to enjoy the rest of summer is about to begin. Whether its traveling to different countries, meeting new people, preparing for college, or enjoying every last minute of musical festivals with friends, these seniors are sure to make the most of their final summer as a Duke.

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Senior Summer Excitments