Where to go after Hoco

Sarah Pinkowski, Features Editor

Unlike many of the other students at York, my favorite part about homecoming isn’t the hallway decorations, the football game, the school spirit days or even the dance. I’m more interested in what happens afterward; more specifically what restaurant I’m going to.

I understand that the dance is fun and all, roaming amongst a sea of sweaty barefoot dancers and cramming the small photobooth to try and get a decent picture, but in my eyes there is nothing like driving out to IHOP at 11:30 at night and ordering a fat stack of pancakes to divide up amongst your friends.

I know that many of you have had your homecoming plans for weeks, but I can guarantee that you have most likely neglected to plan which restaurant you are going to attend post-hoco. Since I am a kind, caring, and compassionate restaurant connoisseur, I have decided to share some of knowledge and wisdom with you so that you too can have a great homecoming experience.

Photo courtesy of Business Insider
A delicious, mouthwatering stack of pancakes wait for you after the dance.


Open 24 hours

No longer is the International House of Pancakes a place solely for getting breakfast foods at all hours of the night, you can now get burgers thanks to their brief stint as “IHOB”. No matter if you leave the dance five minutes after you walk into the field house or if you’re still dancing after the DJ has played their last song, IHOP will still be open and ready for your pancake cravings.  

Photo courtesy of Visit Baldwin City
An array of just some of the delicious food options waiting for you at Sonic.


Open until 11 pm

After the dance, you’re not going to want to wander around aimlessly on your sore and swollen feet in search of something to eat, so Sonic’s drive-in service is the perfect choice. Slushies, burgers, french fries, and even corn dogs are delivered by workers straight to your window, allowing you to not have to leave your car.

Photo courtesy of Denny’s
A trendy avocado burger and fries are just one of the many burger options you can get at Denny’s.


Open 24 hours  

Despite being known as a restaurant for the elderly to eat their dinner at 4:30 in the afternoon, Denny’s is the perfect place to eat after homecoming. The diverse menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner food is available at all hours of the night and is extremely affordable. If after the dance you’re in the mood for some breakfast food but you’re out of cash after paying over $50 for you and your date to attend the dance, Denny’s is the restaurant for you.

Photo courtesy of Fox59 news
In my opinion, a dipped beef sandwich with a large chocolate shake and cheese fries is the perfect post-hoco meal.


Open until 12 am

This Illinois classic is often overlooked and disregarded as an option for students’ post-homecoming plans, but it truly is the perfect place to go. Portillo’s is located right next to York, enabling students that don’t have a car to take a short walk to the restaurant without having to call their mom to give them a ride. It’s open until 12 am, so no matter what time you leave the dance, there will be a pile of gooey cheese fries and a chocolate cake shake waiting for you.