Yale commit, Gigi Barr, ready for the challenge


Photo by Anthony Lappiana

Junior, Gigi Barr, poses in front of Y logo after beating Lyons Township.

Anthony Lapiana, Reporter

Having the athletic ability to play a varsity sport in high school, and have a key role in the team’s success, is not easy to do. Let alone, being a junior on a varsity team means you have a lot of expectations to fulfill. Star player, Gigi Barr has recently committed for volleyball to Yale University to continue on her athletic and academic career.

Junior, Gigi Barr, poses in front of the “Y” logo after beating Lyons Township. Photo by Anthony Lapiana

Although being extremely talented, Barr has credited her success to not only her hard work on and off the court but to a mixture of different people through the years of her volleyball career. Barr credits her success to two people above all the rest.

“My mom has driven me to every practice, gone early to every tournament, helped me meal prep during club season, and encouraged me every step of the way,” Barr said. “My twin sister acted as my biggest competitor. Every practice we push each other to work harder, I couldn’t achieve my goals without her.”

With all of her hard work in the off-season and constant pushes from her mom and sister, Barr has already accomplished the goal of scoring 1,000 kills (when the ball is spiked to the ground, making it non-returnable which therefore gives a point to the team who spiked the ball) this season.

Even though Barr has already accomplished the goal of playing at a division one college and much more, she knows that this is only the beginning of her journey. Barr still has a lot to prove in college and she is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish her post-high school athletic career.

“One of my goals for college volleyball is to be recognized as the best player in the Ivy League Conference at least once throughout my four-year career,” Barr said. “I’d also like to continue the history of success at Yale by winning the Ivy League conference at least two out of my four years.”

Barr has committed to Yale University to continue her athletic and academic career. Photo courtesy of fte.org

Over her career, Barr has had a lot of influences that have made her an elite player. Some advice she would give to younger volleyball players would be to push yourself every day.

“There will always be someone putting in extra reps, lifting heavier weights, make that person you,” Barr said. “Confidence will help you shake the nerves and play well under pressure. Last but not least, enjoy it.”

With the season officially over, and the seniors ready to start a new chapter in life, Barr has a lot to say about this special group of girls.

“I’m going to miss the laughs that we all share. This is the closest I’ve ever been to a team, and I’m friends with everyone on and off the court,” Barr said. “We all genuinely enjoy seeing each other every day, not because we love volleyball, but because we all love each other as well.”